25 Parenting Tweets That Are Extremely Funny And Relatable

Published 3 weeks ago

Parenting is known to be a tough job, interspersed with moments full of comedic relief. We usually comb through X online to find the wittiest observations posted by parents of the latest shenanigans they’re exposed to because of their kids.

As usual, the parents have not disappointed us. This month too, we have a robust collection of clever and entertaining content from a sassy parent’s perspective, which we’ve shared in the gallery below. 

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Image source: sewistwrites


Image source: dadmann_walking


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Image source: sarcasticmommy4


Image source: KatieDeal99


Image source: dadmann_walking


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Image source: sewistwrites


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Image source: milifeasdad


Image source: itssherifield

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