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30 Tweets About Parenting That’ll Be Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bone (Feb Edition)

Published 3 weeks ago

The struggles and joys of parenting described in 280 characters delivers more hilarity than should be possible in the hands of the right person. We at DeMilked love a good tweet, especially when it’s funny and relatable. So our team has once again scoured the Twitter-sphere to rack up the best parenting tweets posted online this month. Scroll below for a hilarious new collection and don’t forget to check out our previous months’ editions for some extra laughs. 

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Image source: missmulrooney


Image source: RodLacroix


Image source: reallifemommy3


Image source: deloisivete


Image source: kidversations_


Image source: itssherifield


Image source: AnAppleHat


Image source: simoncholland


Image source: Dad_At_Law


Image source: dadmann_walking


Image source: IDontSpeakWhine


Image source: IDontSpeakWhine


Image source: mcdadstuff


Image source: notmythirdrodeo


Image source: notmythirdrodeo


Image source: kristabellerina


Image source: milifeasdad


Image source: mxmclain


Image source: clhubes


Image source: clhubes


Image source: mommajessiec


Image source: iamemmaarnold


Image source: dinahaddie


Image source: IHideFromMyKids


Image source: milifeasdad


Image source: mommajessiec


Image source: Chhapiness


Image source: kevinthedad


Image source: oneawkwardmom


Image source: PastorTrey05

Shanilou Perera

Shanilou is a free spirit in the world on her own journey. She believes that we need to heal the world like Michael Jackson said and that all the world's a stage like Shakespeare said. She believes we all have a role to play in making the world a better place and hers is on a beach island with a tropical climate; at least for the moment!

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