20 Tweets About Parenting That’ll Be Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bone

Published 1 year ago

Before becoming a parent, we read all the books and manuals but it really doesn’t prepare us for the reality of being a mom or dad, does it? All parents ultimately end up muddling along and taking it as it comes on a daily basis, dealing with the usual mundane routine of caring for kids interspersed with the rather awkward moments that inevitably crop up when dealing with the mini versions of ourselves. The best way to deal with those situations according to folks, is to take it with a sense of humor!

From kids that think sending a stinker straight into mom’s face when she’s just told him she’s had a bad day to kids who think their parent knowing their birthdate and time as knowing too much of their personal business, this collection of ironic tweets full of sass and simply way too adult a conversation to have with anyone under the age of 9 are sure to strike a chord if you’ve got a young one at home too!

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