20 Of The Silliest, Weirdest, Rudest And Strangest Convos Overheard On A Plane

Published 9 months ago

Plane rides can be a nightmare if you happen to be travelling with a Karen or an entitled person. However, they can also be a source of entertainment if you know what to look for, or as in this case, listen for. Aeroplane passengers got together to discuss the strangest conversations they overheard while travelling. 

Inspired by one Redditor’s, suggestion the following stories are amusing, heartwarming, dramatic and make you feel like you stepped into a minor episode of each of these people’s lives for a brief moment. 

Also, best to remember the next time you’re travelling, your conversations are not as private as you may think. So if there’s something you don’t want others to know maybe the best place isn’t an enclosed space with hundreds of other people cramped in, most likely bored and starved for any kind of entertainment. 

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There was this kid was behind me that kept telling her dad she lost her tooth and the dad was disgruntledly trying to find it, and some guy nearby said “hey kid, I hear if you lose your tooth on a plane, the tooth fairy gives you 50 bucks” to which the dad replied, “hey look sweetie, the tooth fairy decided to sit next to us on the plane!”

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Nervous passenger: Excuse me. How often do planes crash?

Flight Attendant: Only once!


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A 5 year old boy once said “Dad, can you ask them to pull over so I can go to the toilet?”. Haha


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Delayed for some issue. I hear banging on what I assume is a luggage door underneath. After several minutes I hear “f**k it we’ll fix it in Pittsburgh” ?


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Pilot accidentally left the intercom switch on. The whole plane heard him say “Ooo. That’s weird”. Nothing else. Plane took off amid varying levels of anxiety throughout the cabin. I’m here to tell the tale today, so thankfully it wasn’t too weird!


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Not something I overheard, but something semi-interesting nonetheless. I once went and got sushi with my mom and I noticed a guy and a girl at another table very clearly on their first date. They were both dressed very nice, lot of awkward laughter, the guy was being ultra gentlemanly like pulling her chair out for her. You know, just the usual stuff that tips an observer off that they were still very much getting to know each other and wanting to make a good impression.

Fast forward 2 and a half years. I was boarding a plane in Atlanta, GA heading to Colorado with my brother to go skiing when I saw the same couple seated near the back of the plane. I was in the row directly in front of them, so when I put my bag up, I turned to them and said, “This is going to be super weird, but did you guys have your first date at (insert sushi restaurant)?” They both got wide eyed in shock and laughed and told me that they had in fact had their first date there. I told them I was there that night and just happened to recognize them when I boarded the plane. It was friendly and we chit-chatted for a bit, they were going skiing at the same place we were, so it was cool and all.

Day 2 of our trip, my brother and I decide to go to the top of the mountain and take a few of the more advanced slopes down to the bottom. There were maybe a dozen or so people up there, and before taking off we decided to look at the trail map to make sure we were going to get back to where the shuttle could pick us up without having to hike our gear for 2 miles. About 20 feet away from us, a guy got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend and everyone clapped as she jumped up and down with excitement and said “YES!!” They took of their helmets and goggles to kiss, and it was the SAME FREAKING COUPLE!! I literally was there for their first date, met them for the first time on a plane purely by chance because I was sitting in front of them, and was present when he proposed to her. I assume they’re still married because at the rate we’re going, I’m probably going to run into them again if one of them decides to file for divorce.


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On a flight from Honolulu to LA, I hear a woman say, “Why are there so many white people on this plane?”


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Some guy told his partner that she didn’t need more yarn and every woman in earshot promptly told him how wrong he was.


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Flying domestic US. Two oldish ladies spent the whole flight talking about how ugly my husband is, in French. I guess they assumed no one could speak it. We can.


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“I’ve told you many times Brenda, I am not shaving my balls! It’s my balls and I’m a man!”


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Two mormon missionaries trying to convert the sweet, naive man sitting between them the entire flight.


I am a pilot for a major airline. Decades ago I was running for a deadhead flight home and managed to snag the last seat. A mother and young daughter were seated next to me.
Halfway through the flight the mother, seeing my disheveled look after flying all day, asked if I wanted her daughters PB&J sandwich that she wasn’t going to eat.
I politely declined, but she insisted.
That was the best Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich I’d ever had!

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?on my flight to Denver, a really nice woman sat beside me. We can just started chit chatting about flying and how excited we both are to get to Denver. She asked me why I was going to Denver, and I said because I’m going to see my cousin get married. Then I asked her. She told me she is going so that she can go back to her old childhood home and kill herself. I was shocked, and didn’t know what to say. She continued on with why- that’s the house she was continually beaten in and sexually assaulted by her father staring at the age 4. She told me how much shes suffered and can’t continue on. I just sat there not even realizing I was holding her hand, and told her how truly sorry I am for her. She just half smiled and said thank you, and the pain will be over soon. Now many of you may react or feel in different ways to what I did next. I went and told the flight attendants that I was sitting next to a very suicidal person. I gave them very little detail but enough to make some action. Upon landing in DEN, the flight was met by emergency services. The lady somehow figured it out that they were there for her. She turned cold and numb said nothing but walked right to the awaiting ambulance.?‍?I hope she is ok??


Way too late for anyone to see this and it wasn’t so much overheard as said to me:

I was flying alone and this little girl (maybe 5) wandered down the aisle and said hello.

I asked where her parents were and she said they died and a police officer was flying with her to take her to her aunt. My brain was not able to conjure any response at all apart from ” errr…. sorry” she asked if she could look out my window so I moved over to the aisle seat and let her, me continuously looking for a cop that she might be travelling with.

She then told me how her parents were driving back from a party last week and their car got pushed off the road by a truck into a tree. She was quietly crying while telling me this story. Suddenly I hear “oh there you are” from the aisle. There’s a woman standing there.

The girl says “hello mommy” and leaves with her.

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Not that “crazy” as such but when literally about to touch down, a lady got up and started walking urgently towards the bathroom.

The cabin crew immediately started saying “Madam! We’re about to land! You have to sit down!”

The lady responded by screaming in a panic “I’M GONNA S**T ME-SELF!!!”

They allowed her to continue


Two older guys in my row on the way to an academic conference. One of them mentions that the first thing he is doing is attending lecture on some esoteric physics topic, but before he can even finish the name of the topic, guy #2 says “oh, of course: The Effects of co-limited tesseracts on quantum membrane string interactions (or somesuch physics jargon.) Are you familiar with the topic?” Guy #1 gets half way through saying “well actually I-” before he is cut off by guy #2 who says “Because, you see, most people, even in the field are woefully undereducated in this particular subject…” and then proceeds to talk guy #1’s head off for about ten minutes. Guy #1 just nots and smiles patiently through the whole exchange. At the end of his missive, guy #2 says “So, the lecture is being given by Dr. So-and-So, one of the leaders in the field, and absolute legend. Do you know his work?” And, of course, guy #1 puts on a very kind but somewhat sheepish look and says “Actually, I am Professor So-and-So: your understanding of the field is actually quite good!” Guy #2 turns red as a tomato for a few seconds but seemed to get over it quickly and they spent the rest of the flight casually talking shop about theoretical physics.

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Not that crazy but a fun story.

Last December I was flying from Frankfurt to Chicago and was seated in the absolute last row of the plane where the staff prepares stuff so you can hear them just chatting with each other.

Right before takeoff I heard one of the flight attendants say to another “is that thing **still** broken?? I swear they’ll never get around to repairing it” which is not something you want to hear on a flight. The guy next to me was like “did you hear that?” looking at me like wtf I hope nothing major is broken. The attendants then said something like “well at least it’s not maggots this time” and me and the guy next to me were thoroughly concerned about how this flight would go.

After laughing it off, I spent the next 9 hours chatting to this complete stranger about our entire lives, relationships, family drama etc. We had four glasses of wine and decided to watch the matrix together making sure to pause whenever the other person paused. I don’t think we exchanged names, but if you’re out there guy from Wisconsin living in Italy and teaching English, thanks for the most fun flight I’ve ever had!

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Not so much what he said, but I sat next to this fully grown man that was playing plants vs zombies the whole 3 hour flight with incredible enthusiasm. Everytime a plant got eaten or he killed a difficult zombie he’d jump in his seat, pump his fist and aggressively whisper yeerrsss, YEERRSSS, gert em yessss….


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I sat in front of a kid (12-13) and his older sister, who I assume was his guardian. It was a cross-country flight, and the kid was casually talking about how he had never flown before and he is looking forward to it. He seemed likely on the spectrum a bit. It is pretty wholesome so far. Then the plane starts to move and he instantly freaks all the way out, screaming, “WE ARE ALL GOING TO F*****G DIE!!! Let me off this plane, it’s a f*****g coffin, you’re all going to die. It’s going to be a f*****g fireball.” Etc.

The stewardess comes by and tries to calm him down. The sister is talking to him in English and Spanish, trying to get him to relax, telling him he is embarrassing her, she’s never taking him to Puerto Rico if he keeps acting like this, etc. The guy in front of me turns around and loudly offers the kid Xanax. Finally, the hero of the story, a big Southern black lady says, “James (not his name) honey I’m gonna need you to calm down sweetie ’cause you’re making all the rest of us real nervous now, ok?”

Eventually, and for no noticable reason the kid relaxes and starts talking about how cool flying is. Like a switch, he starts looking out the window, saying things like, “Wow! The view is really cool! I feel safe now, everything is OK after all.” Audible collective sigh of relief.

Where was his sister flying him to? Astronaut camp. I think about him every time I fly.


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I was flying to Seattle from Atlanta and there was a baby crying for the majority of the flight. The parents were doing their best and it really was not their fault, just a s****y situation. About halfway to Seattle, the man seated in front of the baby snapped and started screaming at the baby and his parents, cursing at them saying how they’re awful parents and he’s gonna beat them all (including the baby) to a pulp when they land. A flight attendant tried to ask the guy to calm down and he said he would also beat her up. The pilot had to come on and tell everyone to calm down or else we had to make an early landing. We made it to Seattle and the guy ended up having to be tackled by 4 cops at the gate because he was trying to run away after being approached by them.

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