50 Hidden Messages On Everyday Products That People Didn’t Expect To Find

Published 5 years ago

When was the last time you read a label on your clothes? How about the bottom of a pack of sweets? Turns out product designers like to sneak in witty messages in places you might not even think about looking and you might be surprised with what you find!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of products containing cheeky hidden messages that will surely put a smile on your face. Check them out in the gallery below!


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#1 My Raincoat Reveals A Floral Pattern When Wet

Image source: trashyfictions

#2 Hidden Underneath A Packet Of Sweets

Image source: Moedig25

#3 Opened Up My Gaming Headset To Replace The Cord And Was Greeted By This

Image source: AKLmfreak

#4 The Footrest In My New Jeep Says “Sand Snow Rivers Rocks” In Morse Code

Image source: accidentpronehiker

#5 Your Turn

Image source: NoWeAreBothGreat

#6 The Underside Of This Coconut Water

Image source: SupermotoArchitect

#7 While We Are Talking About Shirt Tags: Classic From Top Gear

Image source: bananarchy

#8 Smart Ass Wine Box

Image source: chemngineer

#9 This Swiss Water Bottle Has A The Shape Of A Mountain Inside The Bottle

Image source: Mazeltov_Col

#10 Essential Guidance

#11 Who In Their Right Mind Would Hit The Floofers Anyway?

Image source: kiwidesign

#12 Label Buried Deep In My Inside Suit Pocket

Image source: ErnestWorthing

#13 Smiley Faces Under Keyboard Knobs

Image source: Deonteaus

#14 Fashion Affirmation

Image source: sabrinachan13

#15 A Hidden Message Underneath The Circuit Board

Image source: jazzmonster

#16 This Was On A Lotion They Provide At My Hotel

Image source: Death4Free

#17 Yeah, Maybe If You’re Jason Bourne

Image source: CyclistTravi

#18 I Drink This Beer Often, And Just Now Noticed This

Image source: BeefyRatio

#19 On My Pancake Mix Bag

Image source: embc4-is-mine

#20 These Care Instructions On A Kid’s Swim Diaper

Image source: a_shootin_star

#21 Found A Bird On This Board

Image source: papito_de_chorizo

#22 The Bottom Of My Batman Coffee Mug

Image source: HideousGrin

#23 Saw This At A Bar I Went To Today (Look At The Serial Number)

Image source: London_Atlas

#24 My Yogurt Just Brightened My Day

Image source: supertinypenguin

#25 Printed On The Circuit Board Of A Car In Deep Space

Image source: elonmusk

#26 Just Noticed This Reading The Back Of The Instruction Pamphlet For Cards Against Humanity

Image source: AWDTurboGuy

#27 The Instructions On These Socks I Bought

Image source: alishiaferreira

#28 This Label On My Sparkling Ice Bottle

Image source: Sergeantmajor186

#29 Take Care, You Only Have One. Reminds Me Of The Frank And Beans Part In ‘There’s Something About Mary’ Movie

Image source: wajxcsgo

#30 Chocolate Bar Found In Montréal Gas Station

Image source: unsociaI

#31 Two Ladybugs Having Sex On A Sunflower Seeds Package

Image source: Tymmoteusz

#32 Under The Bed In Our Cruise Liners Cabin

Image source: danmanyjews

#33 A Friend Bought A Shirt And The Tag Had A Message On It

Image source: imgur.com

#34 Wanted To Clean My PS4 And Found This Little Easter Egg On A Screw

Image source: skeeeburt

#35 Well, Sh*t

Image source: sasch42069

#36 The Author Sneaked His Own Portrait Into The Tabletop Game

Image source: OnkelFax

#37 Found This On The Back Of My Revision Book

Image source: Big_Mak04

#38 My New Glasses Have A Cute Little Message

Image source: amazinggstatic

#39 Sobe Needs To Check On Its’ Employees

Image source: Robin Simkins

#40 Come On, It’ll Be Funny

Image source: xWINDYCITYx

#41 This CCTV On A Train Station Near Amsterdam Has The Number 1984 On It

Image source: AlexRFW

#42 I Have Found A Few Hidden Messages Over The Years

Image source: Derrydeez

#43 Found This On My Shirt

Image source: cjnewzealand

#44 By Moving The Control Stick Down On A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller You Can See A Message Which Says “THX2 ALLGAMEFANS!”

Image source: thegayboynextdoor

#45 This Loose Panel In A Burger Shop

Image source: magictruman

#46 Key And Peele Reference On The PCB Of The EHX Pitchfork (Pitch Bending Guitar Pedal)

Image source: eifersucht12a

#47 Hello Brand! Pleasantly Surprised Me

Image source: PDXRebel1

#48 My Buddy Bought A Pizza, And His Receipt Came With A Secret Message

Image source: CrossEyedPigeonToed

#49 Just Found This Surprise When I Used My Breath To Wipe Off My Sunglasses

Image source: cjd1991

#50 I Found This Beer In The Back Of The Cooler And Checked The Expiration Date

Image source: joedubbs119

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