20 Kids Who Made Adults Realise How “Old” They Are

Published 5 months ago

Despite the years under our belts, we still feel young at heart even after we’ve had kids and started our own families. So it can feel brutally shocking when our spawn reminds us that we are old, whether through an innocent comment about how The Lion King came out 30 years ago or mention ‘the 19-hundreds’ as if it was the era of the dinosaurs. 

Indeed, there’s a whole new generation in town and one viral thread on X is where parents get together to discuss with as much humour as possible all the little ways how the kids keep reminding us that we are actually rather obsolete fossils at this point.  

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Image source: PaigeKellerman

Luis Hernandez Dauajare: Robin Williams as Peter Pan: “Are you related to Mighty Mouse” Random internet reviewer: “Who is Mighty Mouse” Me [screaming internally]


Image source: mcdadstuff

Peppy : Ahh the late 1900’s ,good times


Image source: DomesticGoddss

“Disembodied voice” : Or pound symbol


Image source: outsmartedmommy

A girl : My mom was 40 when she had my brother. She was sited in the school newsletter as having been part of PTA for 21 years. I always joked my parents were Vulcans. Every 7 years, they had a kid. 10/56, 1/64, 12/70.


Image source: thedad

Zoey Rayne: I can top that. I was teaching preschoolers about dinosaurs, and a three year old asked me if I was there when the asteroid killed them all! I’ll give her points for thinking I could somehow survive a mass extinction event.


Image source: Cheeseboy22

Ace: Well yeah, he’s got a point.


Image source: Six_Pack_Mom

ILoveMySon: Poor child will never know the joy of checking the coin slot and actually finding money.


Image source: GrantTanaka

WindySwede: *average age (≠ maximum age ‘back in the days’) 🤓


Image source: Cheeseboy22


Image source: sarcasticmommy4

Cecilie Hammershøy: Or the movie going from the expensive to the more affordable category


Image source: thedad

Kyra Heiker: I remember when MTV first aired…


Image source: mom_tho


Image source: Mommy__Owl


Image source: Cheeseboy22


Image source: PetrickSara

Astro: I love telling people that I was born in the 1900s (1992)


Image source: thedad

cadena kuhn: Apparently Pog means cool now. I told my daughter every time she says it I want to throw a slammer at her


Image source: thedad

Midnight (she/her): I mean- they’re not wrong . . .


Image source: beingyelisa

MotherofGuineaPigs: Oh, you mean cursive


Image source: thedad


Image source: MidgardMomma

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