30 Photos That Might Do A Better Job Than Birth Control

Published 1 year ago

Everyone knows, choosing to have kids is a big decision. They are so much responsibility and don’t even get me started on how they can transform from being perfect cherub-like angels, into monsters at the turn of a dime. Honestly though, dealing with the little tykes requires a good sense of humour and immense patience on the part of the parents. So hats off to you folks for powering through because just in case you were wondering, there’s a lot of evidence of things that kids can do, to push anyone off the deep end.

There’s so much so you’ve probably even seen it being used by contraceptive companies as marketing tactics. This inspired the folks at, ‘Living Condom Advertisements’ subreddit to find and share content that shows kids behaving absolutely disgracefully and may make you do one of two things. Either it makes you not want to have kids at all or if you’re already trapped, want to make you throw the whole kid away. But before we get too far ahead, let’s take a moment to remember that this is all just good-humoured ribbing. After all, we probably frustrated some adult way back when as kids ourselves, so it’s just our turn to do the same for our own spawn. 

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#1 $25.00-$30.00 Down The Shitter!

Image source: Hayden_B0GGS, Hatem_21

#2 We Found My Wife’s Phone In The Toilet Yesterday. We Weren’t Sure Which Of Our Three Kids Put It There…….until My Wife Scrolled Through Her Pictures Today

Image source: footeperu

#3 Kids Will Be Kids

Image source: nooyork

#4 Let’s Paint The TV! Great Idea

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Oh Boy

Image source: reddit.com

#6 This Made Me Laugh A Little Too Hard

Image source: harsha29o7

#7 Coffee, Now Including Ammonia And Urea!

Image source: anon

#8 Absolutely Smashing

Image source: reddit.com

#9 How Did He Even Get His Head In There??

Image source: Good_Ol_Weeb

#10 Kids Trash Thrift Shop’s Toy Section, Parents Don’t Care

Image source: reddit.com

#11 My 11 Month Old Son Just Hit Me In The Face With His Toy And Broke My Tooth In Half

Image source: halfgermanreject

#12 My Toddler Found A White Ink Pad And Immediately Turned Into Saruman

Image source: DonWFP

#13 My 7 Year Old Just Broke Something I’ve Had Since I Was Younger Than Him

Image source: smileforkirk

#14 Too Late For Birth Control

Image source: ajcthefunksonme

#15 Dad I Saw Them Do This At The Gas Station

Image source: Chapungu

#16 What A Hell?

Image source: kittiekat1018

#17 I Don’t Think He Will Be Trusted With Technology For A While

Image source: MemeSupremacy

#18 And There Go All The Saving For College

Image source: Rae-RavenRae

#19 Finally Found My Missing AirPods! It Turns Out My Daughter (4 Yr) Got Ahold Of Them And Put Them In The Toaster

Image source: mjclyde

#20 All The S**t My Son Has Put Down The Air Conditioning Vent In The Last 6 Years

Image source: DatAssPaPow

#21 I Gave My 10 Y Old Bro My Laptop Which He Needed For “School”. Punched It While Playing Fortnite…

Image source: PerHaP-S

#22 My Beautiful Children (2/4) Drew Me A Picture…. On My Car…. With Rocks

Image source: ADedlyGinger59

#23 3-Year Old Poured A Can Of Soda Into My $2k PC

Image source: GreenAdler17

#24 Grabby Grabby

Image source: Jamaican_snow_owl

#25 Uhhh

Image source: DanielLaRussoJohny, fuckmylifecaps

#26 Tity

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Oh Poor Car

Image source: officiallildustpan

#28 Ultimate Logic

Image source: FreakingOwOmyDudes

#29 Repost But I Think It Belongs In This Sub

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Down The Toilet

Image source: reddit.com

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