20 Hilariously Funny Handwritten Notes From Kids

Published 8 months ago

Everyone probably remembers the popular show, ‘Kids say the darnedest things’. Indeed, the kids were entertainingly honest and loveable. They rarely have a filter, they look at the way the world works in a much simpler manner and that comes out in their communication no matter what form it takes. 

Today, we explore the darnedest notes received from kids, that ooze pure innocence. Indeed some of the notes are profound in their simplicity and communicate the child’s sentiments in the most endearing manner. Scroll below for a humorous read that will melt even the hardest of hearts, because these notes are straight from the mouths of babes. 

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#1 My Little Sister Wrote This On Her Math Test

Image source: Jukethebox

#2 My Grandma Showed Me This Letter I Sent Her When I Was 6. She Has Kept This For Over 20 Years

Image source: readysetgo19

#3 Some Kid’s Note Got Confiscated And The Teacher Started Giggling

Image source: reddit.com

#4 I Ate My Kids’ Snacks Last Night. My Daughter Wrote This To My Wife

Image source: shutch00

#5 A Letter From My Daughter

Image source: Str8upbored

#6 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Asked If She Could Make A Funny Mother’s Day Card With One Bad Word

Image source: diggum1996

#7 My Daughter Was Very Upset About Misplacing Her Lost Tooth. I Told Her To Leave A Note Under Her Pillow For The Tooth Fairy Explaining What Happened

Image source: grapeormelon

#8 My Roommate Works At A School For Special Needs Kids. One Of The Students Wrote This Apology Letter Today

Image source: bettie_rage

#9 My 12-Year-Old Knows How To Make Me Feel Special

Image source: Tiffnade

#10 My Daughter Had A Sleepover And Left This Note For Her Friend

Image source: j-5

#11 Our Dog Passed Away. Neighbors’ Kid Made Us A Card. She Was Embarrassed By It. So She Scratched Her Name Out And Wrote Her Mom’s Name Instead. Was so funny that it actually cheered me up. His name was Ollie.

Image source: reddit.com

#12 This Note From My Brother To My Parents In 1995

Image source: A2326P

#13 The Card My 7-Year-Old Son Gave Me Today That I Will Cherish Forever

Image source: avid_life

#14 My Brother’s Camp Requires The Kids To Write A Letter Home After The First Week

Image source: reddit.com

#15 She Took Notes Of Her Dad’s Reaction Throughout The Super Bowl

Image source: BraveReddit

#16 My Niece Is In 5th Grade And Got Her First Love Note. This 5th Grader Has More Game Than I’ll Ever Have

Image source: dreichert87

#17 My Friend Found A Photo I Gave Her In Kindergarten. My Older Brother Helped Me Write The Note

Image source: diaryofasamsquanch

#18 My 8-Year-Old Cousin Put This Note Up On Her Bedroom Door

Image source: UseOnceandDestroy27

#19 My Son’s Note From His “Take Your Kid To Work Day” Observations

Image source: mysonthinksimfunny

#20 My Kid Left A Note For Me In The Fridge

Image source: SquireX

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