30 Times Things Were Doubled And People Couldn’t Resist Capturing A Picture

Published 3 years ago

Would you get surprised if you find a tiny orange inside a usual orange? What would be your first instinct? To click a picture, right? Since these things are quite rare, it’s tempting to capture them and show them to everyone.

The r/2healthbars subreddit is a Reddit community with nearly half a million members, and people share all sorts of crazy, interesting, and awesome photos that are rare examples of recursion. This is how the community describes the 2 health bar phenomenon-  ”When you think you’ve killed a boss in a video game, but then it starts a new phase with another health bar.” Scroll below to see some of their best posts.

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#1 Tiny Orange

Image source: HoleyBody

#2 This Tree Has Been Adding Layers Of Another Tree Every Year

Image source: saurabhred

#3 Grandma And Grandma

Image source: _xParagon

#4 The Dog’s Ear Is Another Dog

Image source: davideftw

#5 This Apple Has An Apple On It

Image source: EvilLemons01

#6 Chain Link Icicles

Image source: djSanta1

#7 This Man Was Born For This Job

Image source: Deep_Glue_Sea

#8 Ships Getting Shipped On A Ship

Image source: ThatYodaGuy

#9 Today My Boyfriend Accidentally Broke The Ear Off Of His Dog Statue, Which He’s Had For Twelve Years, And Discovered Another Smaller Dog Inside… I Have So Many Questions

Image source: TheLawsy

#10 Painting Nature

Image source: bobcobble

#11 It’s Mario

Image source: PM_ME_YOUR_PETS___

#12 Hard Boiled Rock

Image source: sitting_pigeon

#13 This Car That Has A Smaller Car Inside It

Image source: edge_mac_edgelord

#14 Okay.. So The Trash Goes Inside Which Box?

Image source: __vs__

#15 A Case To Protect The Case

Image source: Hampusfredrik

#16 People At Walmart

Image source: solapurkar

#17 Tick Tick

Image source: XilamBalam

#18 Cuteness Doubled

Image source: aXeSwY

#19 This Mouse Had A Baby

Image source: Lugeau

#20 Pulling Up The The Flooring In My Porch To Reveal More Flooring

Image source: reddit.com

#21 This Town Hall Has A Mascot Of Itself

Image source: reddit.com

#22 Burburger

Image source: esssssto

#23 My Headphones With An Adapter Actually Already Had The Correct Piece Screwed Under The End

Image source: fishboy1215

#24 Cockatwo

Image source: Xarben

#25 Cookies On Cookie

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#26 This Second Window Created By Ice

Image source: juraj_is_better

#27 Incognito

Image source: 710DabbyDuck

#28 Someone Tried To Break Into An Auto Parts Store Near My House

Image source: cyborgwaffle

#29 He’s My Step Son

Image source: meemee-man

#30 Found This Hammer In The Airbnb I’m Staying In. I Was Intrigued To Discover It Rattled. Then I Discovered The Extra Health Bars!

Image source: hairyfacedhooman

Saumya Ratan

Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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