This Woman Posts Her Outfits Her Boyfriend Hates Along With Quotes From Him (20 New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

When it comes to fashion, there isn’t a single style that would be universally liked by everyone. However, just because someone doesn’t like the way you dress, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it – even if the one criticizing your outfits is your own boyfriend. Just ask Londoner Olivia Jackson. Back in 2018, she started Clothes My Boyfriend Hates, a project where she shares photos of her outfits along with the comments her boyfriend made, and now has over 62k followers on Instagram.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Olivia said that the “sarcastic tones” in her posts is often misinterpreted by the viewers. She says that her boyfriend doesn’t control what she wears – on the contrary, he’s actually completely supportive of her style choices. “It’s fair to say the sarcastic comments haven’t stopped, and he still rolls his eyes at my fashion choices; I don’t think that will ever stop!” joked Olivia. She says that her boyfriend is very proud of the community of empowered women that the project built, and that he’s happy that she enjoys posting the clothes he hates.

Check out some of Olivia’s latest outfits along with her boyfriend’s comments in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous post here!

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Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Don’t mind me, just squinting & working at home in my bright pink boilersuit! Oh how much my boyfriend hates this one. Think he made a joke about looking like a fluorescent mechanic when I first got it, ironically I now work in the automotive industry (but definitely not anywhere near the underneath of cars!)


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

When he rolls his eyes at your dress.. then his sister turns up at ours also in a spotty dress. We didn’t even plan it


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

As you all know, spotty baggy dresses with trainers are usually #clothesmyboyfriendhates but a two year old said I was a princess whilst wearing it which he agreed with so this ones a winner!


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

I ~might~ have bought the most hated item yet!? I loved wearing this on New Year’s Eve. J came in when I was getting ready and said, ‘oh I thought you were wearing that new dress tonight’ ‘yes but I felt too overdressed’ ‘so you put on a velvet smoking jacket to wear INSIDE?’ Well…
In all seriousness it’s going to be a jacket which lasts me years I’m sure.


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

A throwback because I love this (hated) dress I also love the fact this photo was taken about 7/8pm and it was LIGHT! I find the dark mornings/afternoons of the winter really hard & horrible. I don’t mind the cold at all, but as soon as it starts getting dark at 4pm at work I’m pretty sure my brain decides its time to shut down and I have to try 10x harder to focus. Anyone else!?


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Boyfriend famously called this the technicolour dream dress.


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Just another pair of leather trousers he hates ‘but not as much as the other leather trousers, they’re awful’ so I’m taking this as a win.


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

I’m sure you can imagine the granny/Princess Margaret-based comments this @andotherstories cardigan attracted. The magpie in me loves the buttons!


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

A baggy dress and jacket he hates but we’re relaxing by the sea and life is good.


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

A hated polka dot dress: winter edition. I wore this a lot in spring and summer with a tee underneath (swipe across) but today I popped it on with a roll neck underneath with some tights and boots and ta-dah! A winter outfit. J even asked me if it was new.


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Put on a bright jumper and spotty headband on Saturday I know if J was about he’d defo be taking the piss out of my headband matching my phone case / my bright jumper / the fact I was even bothering to get dressed when we are going nowhere! It’s been three weeks now & I think I might miss his sarcastic comments ? surely not!


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Frills + dungarees = obviously #clothesmyboyfriendhates


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT DAD SANDALS? Is that even what they’re called? Or dork sandals as me and my mum call them? These got an ‘absolutely NOT’ from the boyfriend but I love them. They’re @johnlewisandpartners (popped a link on my stories) and are soo comfy. I’ve also lusted after many a @teva and @arizona.l.o.v.e pair too. They’ve been perfect for long coastal walks this weekend, as well as for pottering around town, much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I’ll share some of my fave accounts who rock a chunky sandal on my stories too! X


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

These leather trousers are defo the most hated item at the moment. I love this outfit for work though – a good balance of feeling smarter than jeans but still super comfy and fashionable.Despite layering up, I was still freezing in them today though – anyone else feel the cold easily!?


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Oh these matching pyjamas are definitely #clothesmyboyfriendhates. I’m not sure if it’s cos they’re matching (and matching my phone case); the pattern; or the fact I am wearing them on repeat that he hates. They’re so comfy though. Something I’ll miss when life goes back to ‘normal’ is being ready for bed, make up off, skincare routine done and in some jazzy pyjamas at 9pm. As much as I LOVE an early night I probably only used to have one once a month or so. Having a (busy) full time job, this wonderful account, and various other bits to keep me busy I probably didn’t take enough time to just *chill*. That being said I am also very ready for a big night out / rosé on the beach somewhere hot at lunchtime / just an after work beer. For now I’ll stay in these dreamy jammies and watch desperate housewives with a tea.


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Can’t wait to get this ‘dressing gown’ coat back on now the colder weather is coming! He reeeeally hates this one. I have no idea why


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Went for my daily walk in my nightie ‘but it doesn’t look like you’re going out in a nightie, it just looks like one, y’know?’ – I’ll take that as a win. I’ll link this on my stories as it’s in the sale and dreamy. Pearl straps and jewel print – what more could you want!? Will wear with a t shirt under it in spring too, and a roll neck in winter?And yes, I am working on getting my chest the same colour as my arms and getting rid of the watch strap tan line


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

Not worn these in a while but think it’s time to bring back what he calls the CLOWN TROUSERS . They basically feel like wearing trackies outside the house though – which is win win, right? Do you have any clothes which feel super comfy but don’t look slobby?


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

My total guilty pleasure, this onesie. I hate that I love it. It’s so comfy. I miss it when it’s in the wash. Perfect for the unpacking I’ve been doing this evening. Anyone else got guilty pleasure house clothes? (This isn’t even one he hates, he bought it for me years ago )


Image source: clothesmyboyfriendhates

When we move I’ll treat you guys to a new mirror and a tidy hallway (lol, ok, I’ll treat myself) but for now you’ve got this my gold spot dress paired with biker boots from Saturday night are totally

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