30 People Who Tried Making Something Themselves Are Sharing Funny Photos Of Their Failed Attempts

Published 2 years ago

If you have tried doing any DIY project, you probably know that it’s not as easy as it seems. Many people usually see a thing and think “Oh I can make this!” but when they try their hands on it, they end up getting a lousy result. Noone can create something perfect for the first time. Maybe not even a second or third time!

Failures are a part of the process of learning. And sometimes it’s a source of entertainment too! The r/nailedit is a subreddit where people laugh at their own creations by posting the pictures of their funny fails to entertain others. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 I Think I Did Something Wrong

Image source: ThatCrazyTheatreKid

#2 Oh God. What Have I Done?

Image source: lolosun

#3 Superimposing Elsa Onto A Horses Head? Nailed It!!

Image source: ggodfrey

#4 Stuffed Snake Pizza. Nailed It!

Image source: TimTheTooth

#5 Tried Making A Felt Shark

Image source: DameJeffrey

#6 I’m Not Even Mad… It’s Too Funny To Be Mad

Image source: Cyclosarin88

#7 For My Sons Fourth Birthday I Carved A Watermelon Dinosaur Head! It Didn’t Come Out That Bad (Mine Is On The Bottom)

Image source: jcrus0

#8 When Your Husband Insists On Attempting A Portrait Of You

Image source: Alexthetetrapod

#9 Nailed It! On The Second Try

Image source: Arrenil

#10 Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Image source: katetheg8

#11 I Tried To Make My Daughter A Mickey Mouse Cake

Image source: desertdwellerrr

#12 Dropped An Egg #nailedit

Image source: RattyRavenRizzo

#13 The First Cake I’ve Made In Years May Have Been A Bit Ambitious

Image source: rolfebox

#14 My Friends And I Held Our First Monthly #nailedit Competition. We All Tried To Replicate The Middle Cake!

Image source: Togekriss

#15 These Panda Cookies I Made For My Niece’s Birthday Have Seen Some S**t

Image source: weddinggirl1995

#16 I Actually Did Try. That’s The Saddest Part

Image source: hamchalice

#17 Thought My Play Dough Skills Were Better Than I Anticipated…

Image source: bumblebeej10

#18 Accidentally Made A Vagina Cake For My Friend’s Birthday. (It Was Supposed To Be A Geod)

Image source: PookiiBear

#19 Nailed It

Image source: caitiezx

#20 I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Try

Image source: CuriousTemporary

#21 I Need Smaller Piping Tips

Image source: Freh

#22 My Daughter And I Made Baby Yoda Macarons

Image source: tegren_bkwrd_nerget

#23 I Have A Baking Competition Today. This Is My First Time Ever Baking A Cake. I Think I’m Going To Win

Image source: DiemSomeCarpe

#24 Birthday Cake Attempt This Weekend

Image source: PlausibleAbility

#25 Uncanny Resemblance

Image source: ntrott

#26 Tried To Make A Cake To Immortalize My Cat, I Have Not Stopped Laughing

Image source: ABig_ol_mess

#27 Poodle Cut. Nailed It

Image source: RUKiddingMeReddit

#28 I Wanted To Make Mrs. Potts And Chip. I Nailed It

Image source: Chicagogogo

#29 My Wife Started Painting Ornaments For Christmas, And Only Realized After She Finished This Bird That She Did It Upside Down

Image source: even-hungrier

#30 I Didn’t Follow The Pattern

Image source: mayflour

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