30 Funny Posts That Capture The Essence Of British Humor, As Shared On “Casual UK”

Published 3 years ago

The subreddit r/CasualUK is dedicated to the casual stuff that happens in the UK very often but they might not be so common elsewhere in the world. This online community has 883K members and they constantly share the funny, sarcastic, and weird humor of British folks.

From hilarious posters and advertisements to people enjoying beer and celebrating festivals in rain (with their umbrellas), this online community illustrates British people in all possible ways. Scroll below to enjoy some recent pictures posted on this subreddit that will show you the true essence of Brit humor.

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#1 I Was Looking At Places In London And Saw This. The Front Door Is A Window?!

I Was Looking At Places In London And Saw This. The Front Door Is A Window?!

#2 Spotted In Manchester

Image source: tomwilkinson777

#3 G7 Security

Image source: redunculuspanda

#4 Richard Osman From Pointless Having Some Culture Problems

Image source: richardosman

#5 If You Can Read This, You Are Not A Train!

Image source: TropicalTito

#6 Now This Is How You Sell A Laminator

Image source: Akmunra

#7 Historical Figures Lined Up For Reopening Of Museum Of Gloucester

Image source: Dommlid

#8 This 900 Year Old Floor Tile At Gloucester Cathedral Contains The Footprint Of A Very Good Boy

Image source: Trilobite_Tom

#9 I Applaud Tesco For Doing This

Image source: lodge28

#10 Today I Stumbled Upon Where History Was Made

Image source: JonAddo

#11 Heading Back To The Movies: US Vs UK

Image source: ramy81

#12 Only In The UK Would It Be Understood By Everyone This Is A Message Of Affection

Image source: jimmyleeerd

#13 I Present To You The Greatest Lie Told To This Country: 30g Is An Acceptable Serving Size Of Cereal

Image source: makomirocket

#14 Front Seat On A Double Decker Bus

Image source: LIS1050010

#15 When The Pubs Have Been Closed For 4 Months, A Bit Of Rain Won’t Stop These Lads

Image source: TheForthWallBreaker

#16 Jesus Saves! (But Can’t Park For S**t)

Image source: jibbist

#17 Title Of The Next Bond Film Announced!

Image source: fi-ri-ku-su

#18 How To Measure Things Like A Brit

Image source: un-petit-capu

#19 Schrödinger’s Ballgames

Image source: Yekki

#20 On The Morning Countryside Dog Walk When I Hear Barking, Couldn’t Figure Out Where It Was Coming From Until I Look Up

Image source: Rocketmandan123

#21 Picked Nanny Up To Take Her To An 8.30 Dentist Appointment, She Made Me A Packed Lunch In Case I Got Hungry While I Wait The 45 Mins For The Appointment. Nans Are Awesome

Image source: HiFiSi

#22 Coming Back To My Desk, Wondering Where My Pistachios Went, Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Image source: flowerybjorn

#23 I’m Liking The Translation For ‘Cappucino’ Into Welsh

Image source: kublakhan1977

#24 Be Ashamed

Image source: Stotallytob3r

#25 Shots Fired In The Office Kitchen

Image source: Super-flewis

#26 Saw This Today On Towan Beach, Newquay… We Can Be A Romantic Bunch. Congratulations Whoever You Are

Image source: Findscoolalmost

#27 My Local Cinema Being A Little Pessimistic About Reopening

Image source: david_dremel

#28 Can’t Get More Casual Than A Pony Waiting Outside The Post Office

Image source: chaostrulyreigns

#29 I Thought I’d Clear A Few Things Up

Image source: CWebber1296

#30 Can’t Beat A British Festival

Image source: felixjmorgan

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