40 Old School Photos Of McDonald’s That Will Take You Back In Time

Published 4 years ago

If you’re anything like me, you probably remember that going to a McDonald’s was quite a big deal back when you were a kid – you knew you were getting a Happy Meal, and could feel the pressure of picking out the best toy before you even entered the restaurant. And don’t even get me started on the toys – somehow they were so much better than the ones available today. Sadly, this novelty eventually wore off as we grew up and nowadays McDonald’s is nothing more than a place where you can drop by to grab a quick burger, fries, and a coke.

Even though we can’t bring those old days back, we have a series of old school pics of McDonald’s from the 80s and 90s collected by the “nostalgiaholics” of r/nostalgia that will take you back in time, even if it’s just for a few minutes – check them out below!

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#1 When Ronald Mcdonald Had His Own “Gang” Of Fast Food Fanatics

Image source: SpitFyre8513

#2 I See Your McDonald’s Ashtray And Raise You My McDonald’s Coke Spoons, Er, Coffee Stirrers

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Who Remembers When McDonald’s Playland Looked Like This? Memories…

Image source: sugarcain

#4 McDonald’s Burger Seats

Image source: Bright_as_yellow

#5 Mcdonalds Fried Apple Pies With The Bubbly, Crispy Outside

Image source: lady__jane

#6 The Floor Of Every 90s McDonald’s

Image source: moonshoot3r

#7 McDonald’s Seasonal Happy Meal Buckets

Image source: t4urie

#8 McDonald’s Toys From 1987

Image source: unknown

#9 Check Out This Awesome McDonald’s High Chair I Got At The Flea Market Today

Image source: reddit.com

#10 These Cookies From McDonald’s!!!

Image source: Costner_Facts

#11 Our Mcdonalds Hasn’t Changed Since I Was Little

Image source: whistle_tips

#12 McDonald’s Birthday Parties… Complete With Ash Trays On The Tables For A Good Smoke After A Happy Meal

Image source: MikeTScott

#13 McDonald’s Drive Thru Menu In The 80s

Image source: buoyak

#14 Styrofoam McDonald’s Containers

Image source: molrobocop

#15 McDonald’s Garfield Mugs

Image source: NoTalentAssClown34

#16 Ronald Mcdonald Bench That Was Popular Around McDonald’s Establishments Until Sometime Around The Early 2000s

Image source: endlesswaveofwhat

#17 This Mcdonalds Tray Liner From The 1990s

Image source: Timzor

#18 These Mcdonalds Halloween Chicken Nugget Toys

Image source: PeaceFrog229

#19 These Batman Forever Cups From Mcdonalds

Image source: throwd_away8675309

#20 Mcdonald’s Twist Cones

Image source: unknown

#21 90s Mcdonalds Plates

Image source: Closetbigfoot

#22 McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Babies

Image source: angelsgirl2002

#23 Ronald Mcdonald Hand Puppet From ’76

Image source: pokey420

#24 The Mcsalad Shaker From Mcdonalds

Image source: KookStats

#25 Back In The Day McDonald’s Playground

Image source: demerit5

#26 Sometimes You’d Get It At School Events Or Sports Games, Delivered In This Big Yellow Cooler

Image source: worthpoint

#27 Tiny Toons Flip Cars – McDonald’s Toys

Image source: PotatoQuie

#28 These Old Amber Glass Ashtrays That Everyone Had (Including McDonald’s!)

Image source: shanster925

#29 Did Any One Else Collect The “Disney Video Masterpiece” Toys From Mcdonald’s ?

Image source: trvl_3r87

#30 Birthday Parties At Mcdonald’s

Image source: Karakurizer

#31 Mcdonalds Gift Certificates. They Were The Golden Tickets Of Trick Or Treating

Image source: WorstNameEver242

#32 Mcdonald’s Happy-Meal Transformers. When Mcdonald’s Was Considered A Treat. Thanks Mom!

Image source: reddit.com

#33 Does Anybody Remember When Walmart Had Mcdonald’s And The Ronald Mcdonald Bench?

Image source: monster_bear

#34 McDonald’s Dinosaur Hand Puppets


#35 Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonald’s Happy Meal

Image source: CJK610

#36 Fisher Price Mcdonald’s Play Toys

Image source: Jaimass

#37 Mcdonalds 2000 Glasses

Image source: Mercury90210

#38 McDonald’s Back In The Day Had More Charm

Image source: Bjcistok

#39 McDonald’s Playground

Image source: SirCheeseAlot

#40 Those Food-Shaped Chairs From The Mcdonalds Kids Playrooms In The Mid 90s

Image source: sammyaxelrod

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