High-End Luxury Hijabs Are Trying To Change Everyone’s Perspective On Muslim Headscarves

Published 6 years ago

Back in 2010 Muslim New Yorker Melanie Elturk, tired of wearing poor quality hijabs and driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, decided to set up her own company that would provide American-Muslims with some more stylish versions of this religious garb. Now, the successful businesswoman is taking it one step further by introducing luxury hijabs, that make every woman donning them look like a queen.

Lacy, beaded, and sparkly – the luxury range offers quite a variety of choices for Muslim women that wish to look stunning. Talking to Pop Sugar, Elturk mentioned that the idea to create this five-piece collection came from her clients that often complain that they have nothing to wear to formal events as usual hijabs make them look “frumpy” and the women’s outfits pale in comparison to others. According to the entrepreneur, these hijabs, inspired by classic headpieces from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, are about to change that, no matter what your style is. “No woman feels left out. If you’re a diamond-bling girl, you got it. If you want something avant-garde and different, try the lace. And if this is all too much for you, go with the more understated chiffon and tulle.”

The feeling of being left out and not belonging is far too common for hijab-wearing women in America. It was actually one of the reasons the company was set up in the first place. “There’s so much mystery behind Muslim women who wear the head covering,” acknowledges Elturk. “Part and parcel of this company was helping demystify the hijab-wearing woman in the mainstream — normalizing that — so people understand she is following the tradition of everything that came before her.” And there is no way one wouldn’t feel empowered when wearing something as gorgeous as the pieces below. Scroll down to see them for yourself.

More info: Haute Hijab | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube (h/t pop sugar)

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