Japanese Restaurants Serve Dam Curry Rice That Brings Catastrophic Food Flooding To Your Plate

Published 9 years ago

Japanese curry rice is one of their most popular foods, but it’s not usually sophisticated in presentation. But what about damukare, the dam curry rice? As the name would suggest, it’s a plate of curry rice, but the rice is formed into the shape of the dam – one of those large, often bendy things found on rivers, producing electricity. Curry pools on one side of the rice dam, and tonkatsu (a type of cutlet), meat, vegetables stay on the other. Everything is dry and separate and neat! Plus, you can engage in your darker fantasies, break the damn and flood your veggie metropolis with curry.

Japanese curry is a lot different from Indian curry, the dam curry has its own story. While the first specific instance can be traced back to 1965, dam curry became a thing around 2007, and that was when it gained it’s name. This curry dish is made in restaurants meant for tourists visiting various Japanese dams, and the shape varies from place to place. In some places, it’s only ever made on special occasions, to commemorate dam anniversaries and so on.

But I’m sure that with some ingenuity, rice building skill and curry, you can make some back home.

(h/t: rocketnews24, kotaku)

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