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A 92-Year Old Woman Embroided An Astounding Collection of Traditional Japanese Temari Balls

Published 7 years ago

A 92-year old Japanese woman has amazed the world with her spectacular collection of embroidered traditional Japanese temari hand balls. We might not ever have seen them if not for her granddaughter, Flickr user NanaAkua, who posted the pictures of the whole collection on her profile. The nimble-fingered grandmother learned the technique in the 60s and, since then, her collection of marvellous temari hand balls grew to nearly 500 unique pieces.

This Japanese craft originated in China and has been stitched by parents and grandparents as a traditional New Year’s gift since the 7th century. NanaAkua’s grandmother’s collection is impressive with its hyper-detailed patterns, interesting structural compositions and vivid colours.

Would you try out this technique this holiday season?

Source: Flickr (via: colossal)

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