New Art Store In Tokyo Lined Its Walls With 4,200 Different Pigments

Published 8 years ago

Maintaining traditional arts is no mean feat. A store called “Pigment” opened in Tokyo to do just that. The walls are lined with 4,200 different pigments, 200 antique-style paintbrushes and ink sticks, 50 different kinds of animal glues, and traditional Japanese paper. Pigment will also host workshops and instructions on how to paint like your ancestors used to.

The store was designed by renowned architects Kengo Kuma. The interior is inspired by the patterns of traditional bamboo blinds. The store will also house a gallery that will show the works of young artists. The store was established by Warehouse TERRADA and can be found in the Shinagawa ward in Tokyo.

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Image source: Pigment


Image source: katchamans


Image source: Pigment


Image source: Pigment


Image source: Pigment


Image source: Pigment


Image source: katchamansAkiko Hirose


Image source: Pigment

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