This Artist Releases Beautiful Woven Sculptures Into The Forests Of North Yorkshire

Published 5 years ago

Weaving is a tradition dating back to ancient times and is considered to be one of the most widely practiced crafts in human history. Some of the oldest woven baskets found were made over 10,000 years ago – and there still are artists out there keeping the tradition alive, like British artist Anna, known as Anna & The Willow.

However, the artist doesn’t just weave baskets – she also creates intricate woven sculptures and has been doing so for the past ten years.

More info: Anna & The Willow | Instagram | h/t: My Modern Met

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Anna is a British artist who creates beautiful woven sculptures

She says she always had a passion for art and the natural world and started creating the sculptures after attending a weekend sculpting course

“Working with a natural material opened up a new world and I consequently went on to learn the different techniques of basketry.  I enjoy using the traditional skills of basketry and adding my own flare to the process,” says the artist on her website.

“I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside nestled between the moors & dales”

“I work with six varieties of English willow grown in Yorkshire & Somerset,” says the artist.

To create the sculptures, the artist uses bespoke steel frames and wraps them in willow

Anna even does workshops so you can learn the art of weaving yourself!

Check out some of Anna’s amazing sculptures below!

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