30 Times People Shared How It Feels To Live A ChildFree Lifestyle Through Funny Posts

Published 2 years ago

Many people are choosing to avoid having kids these days for several reasons. However, this choice is still frowned upon in many societies. Individuals who decide not to go down the road of parenthood regularly face lots of questions, advice, as well as criticism from others. Some of them take these things with a pinch of salt and turn them into hilarious memes.

R/childfree is a subreddit where stuff related to the ‘childfree’ lifestyle is discussed. This online group which has around 1.4 million members, shares FAQs and other posts that touch on the sensitive topic of ‘childfree lifestyle’. Although there are many serious and thought-provoking posts on the group, we have collected some lighthearted posts and memes that are regularly shared in this online community. Scroll below to read some of those hilarious posts.

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The Look Of Horror On Every Passenger’s Face As Children Board The Plane

Image source: reddit.com

The look of horror on every passenger’s face as children board the plane.


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Image source: Vorsos


Image source: Jakunai


Image source: cualcrees

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