These 20 Photoshop Fails Are Hilariously Bad

Published 1 year ago

While AI is designing whole people in virtual reality, some people are still struggling to master photoshop. The much-loved image altering program has been trending for a while now since its inception in 1987, when two young men, working on a different program to display grayscale images on a monochrome monitor, ended up developing a photo editing tool instead.

Under its now famous moniker the program has continued to stay relevant to the times with regular updates allowing us the ability to display creativity on another level. However, while there are edits that can amaze us with the finesse and skill displayed, on the flip side, we can also righteously appreciate the myriad of photoshop fails that exist online. A subreddit we recently discovered, r/PhotoshopFails, has a collection of these and we’ve listed the best ones below for your amusement .

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#1 I Paid 150 Dollars To Blank Out The Faces And This Is What I Got

Image source: Theinternettoxic

#2 What Is His Training Plan

Image source: Ok_Season3619

#3 Bruh

Image source: Jannik_1905

#4 See The World As Your Car Rolls Off A Cliff, Apparently

Image source: Ayziak

#5 Gonna Wear This To My Wedding

Image source: saucegod207

#6 Giant Woman Or Hobbit Home?

Image source: AccidentalGoodLife

#7 ” Butt Shaping Leggings”

Image source: Kitty_Cat470

#8 Looks Like Someone Just Learned How To Copy Paste

Image source: amir-hadi-nejati

#9 I Guess They Pop Out Of The Box Glowing And Spinning At Top Speed

Image source: CypherVirus

#10 Shadows Don’t Lie

Image source: Curious_Bar348

#11 He Has Been Working Out For Months…or It’s Photoshop

Image source: Kiobird

#12 Another Shein Fail

Image source: cherrycanary1

#13 Wtf Am I Looking At

Image source: reds2032

#14 Found On Fb

Image source: F_N_K

#15 Amazing Work On A Headset Ad On Amazon

Image source: Nilliay88

#16 Is She Holding Someone’s Hand?

Image source: littlestwho

#17 Seems Like A Real Dress To Me

Image source: CoordinatorFightClub

#18 Found On Ig. Lol

Image source: Mikeyd8005

#19 Huge Kittens And Miniature Families Can All Enjoy This Chair!

Image source: georgiemaebbw

#20 Is Photoshopping A Babies Fingers A Fail?

Image source: missernestskeeper

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