“Instagram Reality”: This Online Community Shares Photos Of People Whose Photos Are Far From Reality (30 New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Welcome to the world of filters where looks are everything, and everything else is nothing. While there are many exceptions, social media is still notorious for breeding and celebrating vanity, from boosting your ego to making others (and yourself included) feel miserable.

But sometimes it’s too much even for Instagram. You see, some people airbrush and edit their pictures beyond the acceptable norm and the result is, well, reality-bending. The subreddit “Instagram Reality” is calling out those instances by sharing pictures of influencers taking editing a step, or rather a mile, too far.

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#1 I Love This

Image source: funfilo

#2 Why Would Someone Do This? The Original Is Stunning Already

Image source: falseshephard19

#3 Not Even Judas Was As Treacherous As That Mirror….

Image source: Not_newbie_994

#4 I Forgot What She Really Looked Like

Image source: chair909

#5 Found On A Dating App

Image source: usedmyrealnamefirst

#6 She’s The Best. These Are All Photos She Posted Herself Either On Her Story Or Ig Feed! She’s Beautiful, Confident And Silly

Image source: Nolames444

#7 Don’t Be Afraid To Age Folks

Image source: EMERlTUS

#8 The Power Of Filters – It Doesn’t Always Have To Be That Noticeable

Image source: inc0mpl_te

#9 Another One

Image source: rich_cookie_dude

#10 Flexxing On Some Totally Real Muscles

Image source: _JosefoStalon_

#11 Shame On The News Outlet Who Photoshopped The Left Picture

Image source: Ok-Breakfast7186

#12 Found This One While Browsing A Dating App

Image source: mamasab

#13 His Jawline Is Definitely 100% Real, No Editing

Image source: TogderNodger

#14 Imagine Your Surprise When You See Her For The First Time Without All That Makeup, Filters And Editing

Image source: Maybeimthebot

#15 She Claims To Not Edit Her Photos

Image source: unicornflavoredgum1

#16 At First The Terrifying Bird Feet Got Me But The Longer You Stare…the Worse It Gets

Image source: young_erik

#17 How Is This Even Legal?

Image source: HolyKimyeWest

#18 Her Poor Friend

Image source: farthistory

#19 Same Day. Insta vs. Pap Picture

Image source: rachbbbbb

#20 At Least She’s Self Aware…?

Image source: fuzzypipe39

#21 When You Have A Friend Who Edits The Whole Group

Image source: jo1404

#22 Is It Just Me Or Does His Head Look Way Too Small?

Image source: tinysoapypp

#23 Found This One! — He Claims To Be 31 Years Old, Flashes Fake Watches And Cars He Doesn’t Own

Image source: sikeig

#24 She Adamantly Denies Filtering Her Pics On Every Post

Image source: Hamily_Anal

#25 She Got Called Out For Using Heavy Filters And Her Response Was Interesting

Image source: circusratt

#26 She Uses The Teen Filter So Much, She Has Convinced Herself That She Looks Like This

Image source: thereallilcya

#27 Posted As Part Of A Massive Clothing Campaign…how Could Such A Big Label Not Have Enough Money For Decent Editing? She Has Slender Man Fingers!

Image source: yablaka828

#28 She Is 81 Guys … I Don’t Know What To Say

Image source: Homo-Rudolfensis

#29 Found In The Wild – When You Forget To Edit Your Husband

Image source: drosekelley

#30 Rip Her Poor Hips..must Have Fallen Off In Her Tagged Photo

Image source: LegolasLovegood

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