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30 Instagrammers Who Were Busted For Faking Their Photos

Published 2 months ago

By now, you’re probably aware that Instagram is full of fake influencers who try to pass their terribly edited photos off as the real thing, despite being busted numerous times. And if you think getting exposed is enough to stop them, you’d be dead wrong.

Instagrammers continue to bless (or should I say curse?) us with their hilariously overphotoshopped pictures and it’s both sad and pretty funny at the same time. From reality-bending bums to faces smoother than a baby’s bottom, check out all the times instagrammers were busted for faking their photos in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here, here and here!

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#1 So Hot, The Car Melted

Image source:

#2 She’s 50 Years Old And Photoshops Herself To Look Like She’s In Her Late 20s. Women, There Is Nothing Wrong With Looking Your Age. You’re Not Expected To Look Like A 20 Year Old Forever

Image source:

#3 He Forgot To Photoshop The iPhone Box’s Shadow

Image source:

#4 Not Even Craters Are Safe From Mad Filtering

Image source: _-_FanGirl_-_

#5 “No Filter” But Instagram Says Otherwise At The Top

Image source: lilteccasglock

#6 The Mirror Always Seems To Expose These People

Image source: ErraticSherlockian

#7 Shrunken Head

Image source:

#8 I Didn’t Know There Was A Wax Statue In Milan

Image source:

#9 Found On A Thinspo Account. Send Help

Image source:

#10 The Original Has Finally Seen The Light Of Day

Image source: apolloastral

#11 I Thought People Had More Sense Than To Believe This Is Real, But She Popped Up On My Feed Because Friends Of Mine Shared Images Like This As “Goals”

Image source:

#12 Can‘t Believe How She Thinks That’s Acceptable

Image source:

#13 Angles Change People

Image source:

#14 I Literally Have No Words…

Image source: 092mlk

#15 Ribs? Only For Dinner

Image source:

#16 Skin? Never Heard Of It

Image source:

#17 Blursed Rich Man

Image source:

#18 Eyes, Skin, Cheekbones… So Natural Looking

Image source: TA8601

#19 Oh My God

Image source: OpnerOner

#20 So What Now, Are We Supposed To Be Ashamed Of Our… Ankles?

Image source:

#21 I Guess She Thought No One Would Notice Her Editing If She Blurred Out Her Surroundings

Image source:

#22 Gym Sessions Were Lit

Image source: Oloolua

#23 Smooth As Low Grit Sanding Paper

Image source: silkdurag

#24 Had This Saved As Inspiration To Lose Weight When Struggling With An Eating Disorder. Now, I Can’t Believe I Never Noticed The Water Bending Around Her Waist

Image source: daziesandconfuzed

#25 On Instagram vs.on TV

Image source:

#26 Don’t Compare Yourself To Photoshopped People

Image source:

#27 Got That Sims 1 Graphics Look

Image source: -cordyceps

#28 Elbows Are Unfashionable

Image source:

#29 When One Person Posts The Edited Photo And The Other Posts The Original

Image source:

#30 Instagram vs. Video Screenshot

Image source:

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