People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculously Fake Photos They’ve Found On Instagram (30 Pics)

Published 4 years ago

When it comes to ridiculously over photoshopped pictures, Instagram is your number one source. It seems like there’s no limit to some people’s creativity – and I’m not saying that in a good way. Some influencers edit their pictures into oblivion and then blatantly try to pass them off as natural, fooling hundreds of oblivious fans. Lucky for us, there are people out there who are dedicated to exposing these fakers for what they really are.

People at the r/Instagramreality subreddit are sharing the hilariously over-edited photos they happen to stumble upon on Instagram and they will make you ask “What were they thinking?”. From fake piercings to bending walls, check out all the times people went a little overboard with Photoshop in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, herehere, and here.

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#1 Ever Wondered Why The Clothes You Ordered Don’t Fit You Like They Do The Models?

Image source:

#2 Why?… This Is.. Wow Why Do People Hate Themselves This Much?

Image source:

#3 Insta Pics vs. TV Candid. Also, He Licked A Public Toilet For The “Coronavirus Challenge” And Now He Has Covid-19

Image source: ratboi213

#4 This Just Makes Me Laugh

Image source:

#5 This Girl Who Dotted In A Fake Piercing

Image source: idahopotatow

#6 I Could Use Her Face To Study Trigonometry

Image source:

#7 It Gets Worse The More You Look

Image source: AlternativeSonGoku

#8 I Didn’t Know Rays Of The Sunlight Could Bend!

Image source:

#9 When You See It

Image source: bblackwalker

#10 She Wins Photoshop!

Image source:

#11 Known For Editing Her Breasts Often- She Forgot To Edit One This Time

Image source:

#12 Objects In Mirror Are Curvier Than They Appear

Image source: icryfishsaucetoo

#13 Dude Went From White To Blackfishing

Image source:

#14 It Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Person

Image source:

#15 The Camera Does Add 10 Pounds…

Image source:

#16 The Longer You Look The More Ridiculous That Waist Looks

Image source:

#17 These Train Tracks Seem Very Believable

Image source:

#18 Her Instagram V.s. Whistleblower’s Photo

Image source:

#19 Is She For Real??

Image source:

#20 Her Hair Editing Is Giving Me A Headache

Image source:

#21 The Hands Really Got Me

Image source: crackc0kane

#22 Never Seen Somebody Photoshop Their Mug Shot Before

Image source: iaimtomisbehave151

#23 These Two Are Supposed To Be The Same Person

Image source:

#24 What Bleach Do You Use On Your Eyeballs?

Image source:

#25 Seems Legit!

Image source:

#26 Her Post vs. Her Photographer’s Post

Image source: DudeWheresMyCare

#27 Every One Of Her Fb Photos Looks Like The One On The Left. (She’s 71!!)

Image source: Eki75

#28 That’s A Very Unique Doorframe!

Image source:

#29 We Should Rethink Our “They’re Showing Texture” Gratification Posts

Image source:

#30 No Eyes Are The Same, I Guess

Image source:

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