30 Instagram Photos Compared To Reality Showing How Far They Are From Being Perfect

Published 5 years ago

Everything looks perfect on social media: the food, the hair, the makeup, and even nature! But if everything is so perfect, then why don’t I look like a Calvin Klein model and my reheated 2-day-old Chinese takeaway doesn’t look like a five-star Michelin meal?

The reality is that most of the “perfect” stuff we see on social media is altered in one way or another. Good lighting, the right angle and a little photoshopping can go a long way in turning a plain photo into one that will gather hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram. And remember that many celebrities have whole teams whose only job is to make them look flawless on social media. So cut yourself some slack and check out the “perfect” Instagram photos compared to reality in the gallery below!

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#1 Kylie Jenner (Same Day On Instagram vs. On TV)

Image source: nokia621

#2 Woman Worries As She Meets Her Fiance Abroad At The Airport For First Time After Communicating Through Heavily Filtered Photos And Videos Of Herself. (He Of Course Shows Up To Meet Her Wearing A Heavily Filtered Photo Her On His T-Shirt…)

Image source: remmij

#3 Why Travel When You Can Photoshop!

Image source: Taptal

#4 Teeth Brighter Than My Future

Image source: purpleyellowpaint

#5 When It’s “Raining” But Not Enough To Make Your Hair Wet

Image source: ashlitty

#6 Wow.. Just Wow

Image source: byehoesssss

#7 I Don’t Have Any Words To Describe How Impossible This Would Be In Real Life

Image source: lovetempests

#8 Bro What

Image source: KobeDidNotDoIt

#9 Instagram vs. Court Date

Image source: I_Nickd_it

#10 This Girl Creeps Me Out

Image source: Whostolemycheez

#11 [tinder] Good To See People Are Still Playing The Sims 2!

Image source: Captain_Biscuit

#12 One Instagram vs. The Other

Image source: suckyninja

#13 Spanish Singer Caught “Cloning” His Audience To Make It Look As If The Concert Was Packed

Image source: gone11gone11

#14 Can You Breathe…?

Image source: DismalRae

#15 It’s Not Just Bodies And Faces That Get Tune-UPS On Instagram

Image source: annodomini

#16 Her Face Almost Looks Exactly The Same In Every Picture??? Weird

Image source: ashehole64

#17 Excuse Me What…

Image source: runescape_girlfreind

#18 Australian Pizza Shop. Instagram vs. My Order Tonight

Image source: Noskicat1211

#19 Posted vs. Tagged. She Is Always Making Her Waist Tiny And Editing Her Arms To Create A Muscular Build

Image source: bananapineapples

#20 Another Image From The Guy Who Photoshops His Photos & Comments Praise Him. Someone Who Lives There Called Him Out And Took The Same Photo Showing No Tulip Field

Image source: rivigurl

#21 Instagram vs. Video. Sorry Its Hard To Take A Good Screenshot Of The Video But You Get The Point

Image source: essinwonderland

#22 What Is With This Trend Of Trying To Look Like An Alien?

Image source: heydoyouseethat

#23 Everything Is An Illusion On This Woman’s Profile

Image source: super_corndog

#24 Two Profiles, “Same” Picture…

Image source: fismer

#25 First Time Posting In Here, But I Found My First One In The Wild

Image source: kharnivore_

#26 Girl On The Right Has Been Stealing Other Models Entire Bodies For Her Instagram Page

Image source: imgur.com

#27 When Puberty Hits You So Hard That Even Your Eyes Turn Blue

Image source: sarah314

#28 Finnish Influencer’s Ig Page vs. Video

Image source: rockonrudy

#29 Body So Hot The Colosseum And The Fence Gets Distorted

Image source: RadAway-

#30 Jacaranda Trees, Insta vs. Reality

Image source: Jellybean26

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