35 Times Instagrammers Went A Little Overboard With Photoshop

Published 4 years ago

Ah, Instagram – our favorite social network that never ceases to provide a steady stream of cat videos, pictures of food and numerous overly-photoshopped photos of influencers. In fact, Instagram is so full of the latter, someone even started a subreddit called r/Instagramreality where Reddit users expose the fakers for everyone to see. It has already attracted over 726k followers and it’s not hard to see why the number just keeps on growing. Anime eyes, bending dimensions and unrealistic body proportions – check out the Instagrammers who went a little overboard with the Photoshop in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts herehere, and here.

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#1 My Sims Look More Realistic

Image source: evmolpia

#2 She’s Back And Her Eyes Are Even Bigger

Image source: kodaroni

#3 Oceans Have Hills Now Sweetie

Image source: Foozlebop

#4 Nothing Normal About This Picture.. At All..

Image source: melzzzzie

#5 Shadow Tells The Truth

Image source: hello_zeus

#6 If We Don’t Have A Pregnant Model We Will Just Improvise. No One Will Notice!

Image source: sarcastic-nurse

#7 3 Years On Instagram Turned A Lovely Girl Into This

Image source: Jakunai

#8 Instagram / Tiktok

Image source: Koshka69

#9 All Of Her Photos Are Heavily Facetuned, But This One Is Just Beyond

Image source: shirais

#10 Maybe They Wouldn’t Notice

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Lady On Facebook Insists That There’s No Editing, And Any Comments Saying Otherwise Are Blocked

Image source: chiiisai

#12 I Call This The Dorito Body

Image source: bubstheaxi

#13 This Girl Is Known For Calling People Ugly On Facebook And Says She Doesn’t Edit Her Pics….lol

Image source: xmarsbarso

#14 I Mean… Who Needs Organs Anyway

Image source: mmamabear

#15 Caught One In The Wild As They Say. He’s A Very Corrupt Lawyer In My Country, Posted This In His Twitter Account Recently

Image source: Ximenaube

#16 Kitchen Cabinets By Salvador Dalí

Image source: Koruteni

#17 Left Is From The Official Show Account, Right Is The One She Posted

Image source: MoeApple2

#18 I’m Scared

Image source: AnishaJetPat

#19 Saw This While Looking Up Hairstyle References

Image source: DungeonsandDoodles

#20 How Is This Supposed To Resemble Her Behind?! Just Looks Like 2 Balloons At This Point.

Image source: Moist_Cheeki

#21 Local “Influencer” Badly Photoshopping On Different Clothes

Image source: dankgarebear

#22 This Girl And Her Demon Eyed Family Keeps Popping Up On My Explore Page

Image source: fromapast-life

#23 I Just Can’t Deal With This One Particular Girl, I Just Had To Follow Her Because Of The Crazy Editing

Image source: Shareeny

#24 My Hair Stylist Was Warning Me About Unrealistic Hair Expectations Due To Photoshopped Photos On Instagram Like This One

Image source: shpecialkay

#25 Girl What

Image source: nylajd

#26 Proportions Out Of Whack

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Oh No

Image source: Atte789

#28 Hot Dog Fingers Strikes Again

Image source: qersim

#29 I Personally Hate The “Snatched Waist” Look. It Looks So Weird And Unneeded. We’re Humans Not Plastic Barbies, No Need For Unrealistic Expectations.

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Saw This On Pinterest. Girl Went Crazy With The Smoothing Tool. Her Face Literally Looks Like A Sim To Me

Image source: reddit.com

#31 Genuinely Upsets Me How Much She’s Edited Her Face Here

Image source: reddit.com

#32 Beautiful Girl… I Don’t Know Why She Does This

Image source: paigesilvi

#33 This Is The Mother Of A Girl I Grew Up Near. Her Instagram Is Full Of This Sort Of Stuff

Image source: dankdiva420

#34 That Dog Is Smooth As Hell

Image source: winegarbage

#35 Edited vs. Unedited

Image source: reddit.com

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