30 Hilariously Adorable Pics Of Dogs Getting Publicly Shamed For Their Shenanigans

Published 3 years ago

Any dog owner will tell you that sometimes raising one is no different than raising a little kid. Not only do they require constant care and attention, but they also commit just as much – if not more – shenanigans. And the owners are tired of being quiet about it.

Dog owners of Reddit are sharing the funniest stunts that their pets pulled to the Dog Shaming subreddit, and it’s hilariously adorable. From crashing through doors to stealing hamburgers from unsuspecting strangers, check out all the times dogs were publicly shamed for their disobedience in the gallery below!

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#1 The Determined Doggo!

Image source: nunwithajuicycock

#2 He Has No Regrets

Image source: DreadRabbit

#3 Get An Australian Cattle Dog, It’ll Be Fun They Said

Image source: tastelikeryebread

#4 My Old Dog…

Image source: camshmidt

#5 We’re Pretty Impressed By Our 7 Month Old German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Hamburglar

Image source: sisterofaugustine

#7 Dog Shaming Shenanigans

Image source: wecafa7049

#8 She’s Basically An Addict

Image source: tunafehy

#9 This Classic My Dad Posted To FB Several Years Ago

Image source: CumulativeHazard

#10 This One Took Teamwork

Image source: smlstrsasyetuntitled

#11 Trust Us, This Looks Way Better

Image source: blueice119

#12 Beatrix, Queen Of Poor Choices!

Image source: roeroefail

#13 Supreme Leader Kylo Solo Ren Got Out While I Was Bringing In The Groceries. Luckily I Found Him Down The Street

Image source: RoraRayne


#14 I’m Trying To Discipline My 8 Mo. Old Chinese Crested To Not Eat Her Sisters’ And Brother’s Poop. She Turns Into The Speed Of Light When I Tell Her No And Stop

Image source: hellopretty_

#15 Captain Snatched A Half Dozen Donuts From The Back Of The Counter

Image source: saft_bill

#16 My Co-Workers Keep Eating Office Supplies

Image source: t-chess


#17 This Woman Shamed Her Dog From A Distance!

Image source: OfficialDCShepard

#18 Hi I’m Sebastian And I Took Every Box Of Cereal Outside And Destroyed Them

Image source: babylovebuckley

#19 I’m Peanut And I Like To Steal Mom’s Shoes While She’s At Work

Image source: lifeofmari717


#20 Guess I’m Not Leaving The Country Any Time Soon

Image source: butterflyfrenchfry

#21 Jail Break Then An Early Morning

Image source: nerdpandagirl


#22 I’m Not Going To Name Names But Someone Didn’t Like Being Left In The Bedroom For A Couple Hours

Image source: limerick_00

#23 She’s Not Sorry

Image source: Melliegrrl

#24 I’m Not Even Sorry

Image source: daisiesandink


#25 Maybe It’s His Way Of Bringing Down The Aristocracy

Image source: MrMousef

#26 Was Told That This Belongs Here. Briggs Just Loved His New Bed

Image source: zara_vh

#27 Two Travel Sized Bars In 3 Days…

Image source: archerother


#28 Blind Ambition

Image source: 1536_Free_Waters

#29 She Destroyed The Couch In The Emergency Trailer We Are Living In, Because She Set The House On Fire

Image source: saco819

#30 Butter Thief!

Image source: monstaface

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