20 Times This Online Community Revealed The Reality Behind The Instagram Photos

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes, people go a bit overboard with editing the pics that they post on social media. Crazy body proportions, skin without textures, and what not! Folks are doing everything to not look like humans these days and it’s just insane!

A subreddit called r/Instagramreality is all about exposing the fake photos people are posting on social media. Check out some of their most hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 If This Were A Real Woman I Would Run Away Screaming

Image source: nardpuncher

#2 Why Have A ‘Plus Size’ Section Of Your Brand If You Are Going To Photoshop The Model Anyways?

Image source: giugix

#3 Her Skin Looks So Much Smoother On Instagram

Image source: Adventurous_Cash_356

#4 I’m Scared She’s So Close

Image source: SovietBatman64

#5 Subtle

Image source: countersignals

#6 She’s From Finland And Gets Upset When People Claim That She Edits Her Pics

Image source: gunsunflower

#7 Thanks For Asking, We Are A Naturally Poreless Couple

Image source: oaoao

#8 Snapchat Celeb In The Middle East

Image source: heightsofsorrow

#9 New Picture vs. Picture From 2020

Image source: Nahareeli

#10 I Saw This And Thought Y’all Would Like It Of One Of Our Faves

Image source: teddyisagrizzlybear

#11 This Girl Keeps Popping Up On My Snapchat Frontpage And I‘Ve Had Dudes Send Her To Me Like „dream Girl“… Boi, How Can You Believe This Sh*?

Image source: throwthatshiawayy

#12 This Woman Edits Herself To Look 10 Years Younger… Disturbing To Think Who Her Fans Are

Image source: MichaelaKay9923

#13 Got This Heresy On My Yt Front Page. It Hurts Me On Too Many Levels

Image source: PankakeSlayer

#14 Slenderwoman On Holiday

Image source: Lucky-Worth

#15 Found This On Pinterest For “Long Hair” Made Me Laugh

Image source: Harlequin-mermaid

#16 Came Across Her Ig Today. Unreal

Image source: mothfoxtea

#17 I Like Her But I Hate This

Image source: Summer_Starr

#18 Tri-Legged Model In The Wild

Image source: RichelleTiffany

#19 Same Picture Posted By Each Sibling On Their Account

Image source: chaic

#20 Never Heard Of Skin Texture

Image source: KirkDuyt

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