20 Stunning Aviation Pics Found On This Group

Published 11 months ago

When we think about all that humanity has achieved, one of the most stunning accomplishments is that we have conquered the skies.

One online community celebrates this achievement by sharing the most amazing captures that highlight the impressiveness of this feat on the subreddit, r/aviation. We’ve found some of the most amazing pics and posts on the thread and shared them in the gallery below. 

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#1 Sea Stallion Taking A Selfie

Image source: vitoskito

#2 Boeing 747 Rainbow Contrails

Image source: alien_eye

#3 The Only Picture Ever Taken Of Concorde Flying At Mach 2 (1,350 Mph). Taken From An Raf Tornado Fighter Jet, Which Only Rendezvoused With Concorde For 4 Minutes Over The Irish Sea: The Tornado Was Rapidly Running Out Of Fuel, Struggling To Keep Up With Concorde At Mach 2

Image source: Penaz

#4 Plane Crossing Today’s Eclipse

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Maiden Flight Of The Thiccest Boi

Image source: ADI-_-

#6 When She’s Out Of Your League

Image source: bradjones1994

#7 Somebody Had An Expensive Oopsie At Ord Last Night

Image source: rulingthewake243

#8 The Space Shuttle Carried On A 747 And Being Escorted By Two F-18’s

Image source: SpartanKing76

#9 I Graduated Pilot Training Today, This Is The Gift My Grandpa Sent Me


#10 10 Years Since The Miracle On The Hudson

Image source: imskln

#11 “We Made History As The First Mother-Daughter Crew At Skywest Airlines.”

Image source: Nic_2000

#12 Life Goal [1080*1336]

Image source: ASK003

#13 My Childhood Dream Has Come True. I’m A Pilot Now!

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Bomb Tags From Every Mission My Grandfather’s B-17 Did During Wwii (Included Are The Two D-Day Tags). Included On Each Tag Are Descriptors Of The Run Such As Weather, Location, Elevation, Payload, Etc

Image source: RobinHood21

#15 Today I Got To Fly In My Grandfathers Restored Ww2 Hurricane!

Image source: missbazil

#16 Happy Veterans Day To My Grandfather Who Passed Away This Year At 97. This Is Him Standing In Front Of The Plane He Flew In World War II

Image source: SonOfQuora

#17 Decided To Go Planespotting During A Long Sit Between Flights, Was Lucky Enough To Get A Shot With The Plane I Was Flying Later That Day!

Image source: therocketflyer

#18 Thank You To Those Who Work At 1:00 A.m. In Snowstorms So People Can Travel

Image source: bbreedy

#19 The Blue Angels Posted This To Their Fb Page After They Were Joined By The Thunderbirds And The Canadian Snowbirds

Image source: ZappBrannigansLaw

#20 For Those Of Us Who Love The Spit

Image source: reddit.com

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