Fantastic Art That MacBook Owners Created For Their Machines

Published 7 years ago

Apple computers may suck at gaming , but they certainly enjoy love of the creative community. Designers, musicians, writers and many other professionals love them and claim they are a perfect piece of technology.

The news of Apple declaring its last 17-inch MacBook Pro circa 2010 may “obsolete” upset many devotees of this particular model and even left them indignant. In fact, they claim that for creative folks this bigger MacBook proved to be everything they needed.

If you are one of these fans, fear not. This does not mean that you have to trash your lovely machines and replace them with something you like less. In my experience, a little upgrade makes this beast into something you will be able to use for years to come. In fact, you are in luck, for this particular Mac, unlike many others, is upgradable. It means you can boost its performance with an SSD, add sufficient amount of RAM and you are good to go! With all that and maybe some cleaning out your Mac will be as fast and furious as the first day you brought it home.

If you want to spruce it up even more, you may want to look at the examples of makeover the owners of MacBooks designed earlier. They never stop being creative, do they? They try to push the boundaries of perfection embellishing their laptops with unique designs.

They play with glowing logo, creating funny and beautiful images around it to express their unique self and to make sure that no one will have another laptop like theirs. Sometimes they make redesign logo into celestial body, an integrate part of a complex picture and sometimes they just highlight the “fruity” essence of it and the significant place apples take in legends, art, history of mankind, and pop-culture.

Wood, plastic, vinyl decals and even acrylic paints – everything is good to transform glossy barren grey desert into an artistic statement.

Historic references, Disney and Pixar animation, famous paintings, comic book heroes, beloved sci-fi and fantasy characters and original artwork that plays amazingly well with the glowing central element.

Here are examples of amazing art to inspire your fantastic MacBook makeover!

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Eco Mac for lovers of nature

Apple-centric nature-inspired design

A Shelf Full of Old Books

Or is it?

Disney Stained Glass Collage

Because all the grown-ups were once children!

Traditional Japanese Painting

Stylish and subtle

Lantern in the Sky

Mysterious and dreamlike

Surrealistic Fantasy

The Act of Creation

Princess Peacock


Traditional oriental ornament made into an Apple-centric model of the Universe.

Ocean Sunset

Someone’s bitten the Sun!

Van Gogh’s Starry Night

A landscape with an Apple

Left and Right

Apple unites right-brained creatives and left-brained math wizards.

The Tree of Four Seasons

…and even more colors!

Magic Lantern

Apple Fairy to illuminate your evenings

The Son of Man

René Magritte’s signature painting reference is probably the most stylish incorporation of the logo.

Sir Isaac Newton

Oh wait… This one is.

Wilhelm Tell

Another famous apple in the history of mankind.

Snow White and poisoned apple

Seconds before the tragedy… Disney characters are one of the most popular themes for MacBook redesigns.

Stages in progress

Because one cannot simply bite and apple and leave it.

Apple and Co

New line of products.

Apple Food Chain

Alternatively, your MacBook, iPad and iPhone.

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