British Man Creates Adorable Hippie Van-Inspired Wood Burner

Published 4 years ago

The Volkswagen Type 2, aka the Hippie Van, is an iconic vehicle that needs no introduction. Its two-tone design is a staple of the hippie culture and you’ve most likely seen it in countless photos from the 1960s. Inspired by this iconic design, British metal fabricator Danny Lyons of Trash Metal Fabrications has put together an adorable little wood burner and you’ll definitely want one in your back yard.

Each one of the handcrafted burners features everything you would find on a real Volkswagen camper van – from the iconic “V” shape in the front and the large VW logo to the split front window and tiny round side-view mirrors.

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Metal fabricator Danny Lyons has put together a camper van-inspired wood burner

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

Each one of Danny’s burners is painted in heat-resistant paint and can withstand temperatures of up to 650 °C (1200 °F).

All of the camper van burners feature details from the original VW Type 2

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

Danny’s workshop is located in Preston, Lancashire, UK, so make sure to stop by whenever you’re around!

Danny handcrafts all of the wood burners himself

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

The wood burner even features a grate on top so you can boil water or cook a meal when you’re out camping.

As cool as it may look, the camper van wood burner does not come cheap

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

The prices of these wood burners range from  £225 ($282) to £275 ($345) and if you want to order one, you better hurry up – I’m pretty sure they’re selling out fast!

Danny also creates other cool wood burners – like this Minions-inspired one

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

Or one that looks like a Volkswagen Golf!

Image source: trash_metal_fabrications

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