20 Things That Some People Figured Out A Little Late In Life

Published 2 years ago

We learn something new every day! Once in a while, we also realize that we have been interpreting something in a whole different way than they actually are. A few folks find it embarrassing when they figure out something late, especially if it’s a common thing.

When a Reddit user asked, “What took you an embarrassing amount of time to figure out?”, lots of people came out with things that they took a while to comprehend. This question received a whooping 39k upvotes and many interesting answers. I must admit that even I was ignorant about some of this ordinary stuff and I learned a few new things today. Scroll below to find out the funny and interesting answers Redditors gave, and add your own story in this thread if you have something to share.

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Image source: RBXXIII

“I thought that ponies were baby horses till I was like 24.”


Image source: droidarmy99

“That breakfast actually means breaking the fast.”


Image source: TheGodfearingLegend

“That chickens always lay eggs without needing to mate with a rooster.”


Image source: yllastocs

“I realised a few years ago that cows don’t just naturally produce milk, they have to be pregnant/have a calf to produce it. Which is embarrassingly late to figure out.”


Image source: dramboxf

“I was 50ish when I realized that the little piggy that goes to market wasn’t going f**kin’ shopping.”


Image source: wellsheeeeit

“That lambs were the same species as sheep.”


Image source: flaaaden

“K-9 stands for canine.. took me 29 years.”


Image source: Unobtanium_Alloy

“That those ridiculous over-the-top dresses exhibited at fashion shows are not intended to ever be worn in real life; they are like concept cars of the fashion world, intended to showcase the designer’s creativity and vision.”


Image source: clean_da_erf

“That the state Montana is literally the word ‘mountains’ in Spanish. Didn’t realize until I was physically in Montana, staring up at some mountains, and thought ‘wow! Mountains are so pretty! Montañas… Montanas… montana, oh.’”


Image source: MGrooms94

“I didn’t realize until my late teens/early 20s that “chemical castration” means taking pills which render you infertile, not necessarily dipping someone’s balls in a vat of acid. Yea this one is pretty embarrassing.”


Image source: smol_boi-_-

“The black market isn’t an actual market.”


Image source: spacepunk17

“In ‘Lady and the Tramp’ the humans are called Jim dear and darling. I was in my 30s before I realized that wasn’t their actual names, it was what lady heard them calling each other.”


Image source: RollinDeepWithData

“My French press. I owned one 9 months before I realized the coffee grounds go UNDER the plunger and not ON TOP of it. I was always so annoyed having to clean the top of the plunger after lowering the coffee into the water.

My girlfriend stared at me like I was the stupidest person she’d ever met trying to formulate how to politely fix this.”


Image source: fr0896

“When I was younger I thought ‘feat’ was a very popular rapper. ie Eminem feat 50 cent etc.. I was like damn this feat guy appears in a lot of songs.”


Image source: kifflington

“That my childhood hamster did not, in fact, run away.”


Image source: ChickenGoose

“When I was younger I had no idea that New York and Newark were two different places. I kept thinking people saying Newark were trying to say New York, but had a speech impediment or accent, or just didn’t know how to pronounce it.”


Image source: DryPencil_BluntPen

“That the ‘Teletubbies’ literally had tele-tubby’s, as in their stomachs were TVs. Figured this out at university.”


Image source: BuildMeUp1990

“You can’t have your cake and eat it” doesn’t mean “you can’t obtain your cake then eat it”; it means “you can’t still possess your cake after having eaten it”.


Image source: tonybenwhite

“The rapper Flo Rida is from Florida.”


Image source: Guac__is__extra__

“That the saying is “kit and caboodle” and not “kitten caboodle.” Until I found out the real saying, I always pictured a big basket filled with kittens.”

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