20 Oddly Unsatisfying Pics That Are Difficult To Digest

Published 1 year ago

There’s just something about symmetry that really gets us going. Seeing something aesthetically pleasing can really create a sense of satisfaction within us. But what about the exact opposite? When you intrinsically feel something is off with an image, it can have that “oddly unsatisfying” feeling. 

Today, we explore a subreddit established in 2013 dedicated to exactly that. Appropriately shared under the moniker, r/OddlyUnsatisfying, the following images are bound to wig you out. So scroll below and see how many you can get through before your skin starts to crawl from the wrongness of it all. 

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#1 This Fork That Was Never Cut

Image source: douglass_wildride

#2 Oddly Unsatisfying

Image source: Brandon4903

#3 It Triggers My Ocd Every Time I Walk By It In The Park

Image source: Brandon4903

#4 Every Sink In This Bathroom Has A Different Faucet

Image source: HydrationStation215

#5 We All Scream For Ice Cream

Image source: tenniskitten, whalefern

#6 This Doesn’t Line Up

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Screams In Comic Sans

Image source: emilykoalas

#8 Happy 4th

Image source: zgold2192

#9 It’s Literally Outlined Where It Should Go

Image source: Greentoaststone

#10 The Peas Are Upside Down

Image source: reddit.com

#11 If Sadness Was A Cookie

Image source: nojulhr

#12 This Really Wound Me Up

Image source: Cause4concern27

#13 Whoever Made This Clearly Shouldn’t Have

Image source: jeri-coke

#14 My Wife Said She Was Cleaning Out Her Email Inbox And It Was Taking A Long Time… ?

Image source: alxgdrn

#15 This Baseball Park

Image source: TimeWastingLordDrWhy

#16 Smooth Bernie Sanders

Image source: austinaustin420

#17 Oh Well

Image source: nitran09

#18 Really?

Image source: MurphyShroom

#19 The Way That All The Other Fanta Bottles Are Filled Evenly And Then The Blue Bottle

Image source: SynysterPB

#20 Whoever Designed This- I Just Wanna Talk

Image source: MeganCattlin

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