30 Hilariously Terrible Wedding Cakes

Published 3 years ago

On your wedding day, everything needs to be perfect – from the decorations in the venue to the bride’s makeup. And one of the most important things is the wedding cake – the centerpiece of the buffet table. However, not all couples get lucky when it comes to wedding cakes, and sometimes they turn out so terrible, it’s actually quite hilarious.

People are sharing the most terrible cakes they’ve received for their own or saw in other people’s weddings, and some of them will make you ask “what were they thinking?”. From toilet paper cakes to decorations that look like they’ve been created by a 5-year-old, check out the funniest wedding cake disasters in the gallery below!

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#1 The “Gold” Cake At My Sister’s Wedding Last Night

Image source: wflancaster19

#2 Who Doesn’t Love Cake? Specially One For That Wedding During The Coronavirus Outbreak – Tpcake

Image source: LaMerMerci

#3 Cake At The Wedding I Attended This Weekend

Image source: blazze_eternal

#4 Spot On Cake At The Wedding I Was At Today

Image source: Keithsheath

#5 The One That Assembled This Cake, Read The Instructions Wrong

#6 The “Weeding” Cake

#7 We Wanted To Create Something Beautiful For Our Wedding Cake. I Turned Out To Be A Pregnant Sumo Wrestler

Image source: plutchina

#8 The Baker Wouldn’t Send Us A Picture Of The Cake Topper Until The Day Of The Wedding… We Soon Found Out Why

Image source: Zsuzsifer

#9 A Bakery In East Earl, PA., Crafted A Life-Size, Deer-Shaped Wedding Cake

Image source: Shady Maple Farm Market

#10 Groom’s Cake Disaster. What We Wanted vs. What We Got

Image source: bananaloutay

#11 That Does Not Look Like A Sand Castle

Image source: cakewrecks.com

My sister-in-law had a beach destination wedding in Mexico, and decided that she loved this sand castle cake. Upon speaking with the baker, she explained that she understood that the baker may not be able to recreate the cake exactly, but would be happy with something similar. The baker insisted that she could make a cake as equally beautiful. They agreed that the cake would be 3 tiers, with the sand castle on the top. On the wedding day, she instead got 3 separate tiers, each topped with its own version of a flesh colored sand castle.

#12 My Wife And I Eloped During Quarantine. We Decided To Have A Hamburger Wedding Cake To Celebrate

Image source: forgotten_weasley

#13 Cake Baker Probably Didn’t See The Bride Before Making The Cake. Or Any Other Human Being, In Fact

#14 Peacock Cake Of Dreams

Image source: Annette Davis Hill

#15 What Flavor Do You Want? Yellow, Please

#16 What I Ordered vs. What Was Delivered. I Paid $135 For This Mess

Image source: JalapenoLife

#17 This Cringeworthy Wedding Cake Topping

Image source: florispaghett

#18 My Cousin’s Wedding Cake. Rice Krispy Treats With Fruit By The Foot Flowers

Image source: ilikebreakfastcereal

#19 What I Wanted vs. What Was Delivered. Yes, I Got A Full Refund

Image source: juads

#20 Castle Tower Wedding Cake

Image source: Mikole Dorig

I met with a baker for flavors and everything was great. We agreed on flavors and design (left). The end result was that the baker I hired showed up with my cake later than she stated. When I saw it, it looked like the photo on the right. People asked if we were going to circumcise our cake. The cake was cracked, falling over, and did not have the flavors we asked for so the taste was unknown.

#21 One Of 10 Worst Wedding Cake Fails I’ve Seen

Image source: Unik0rn

#22 A Friend’s Wedding Cake

Image source: LunchInABoxx

The baker apparently put the cake in a large storage container then drove an hour and a half to the venue and delivered this monstrosity.

#23 A Facebook Friend’s Wedding Cake

Image source: ilovemyking

#24 Ordered A Pink, White And Black Striped Cake, Received A Black White And Purple Cake With Uneven Stripes

Image source: cakewrecks.com

#25 Wedding Cake

Image source: ulysses_mcgill

#26 I Just Wanted To Share A Pic Of My Groom’s Cake From My Wedding

Image source: nikdahl

#27 Shrek And Donkey Wedding Cake

Image source: Cakes From Beyond

#28 Remember, You Want A Cake Pretty Enough To Move Your Guests To Tears, Not Tears That Move Themselves

#29 This Cake Was Supposed To Spell “Wiser Wedding”

Image source: TotallyNotARobot2

#30 And There She Is. Don’t You Just Love How Different She Is? Edible Sugar Oysters

Image source: SweetArt

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