Amethyst Geode Cake Is A Tasty Mineral You Can Eat

Published 8 years ago

While I can’t smell what the Rock is cooking, it’s probably not an amethyst geode cake. For that you need Rachael Teufel, cake make extraordinaire. She, the founder of Intricate Icings Cake Design, made this cake for an opening of a boutique planning service. The geode was created out of edible sugar. Now you too can experience the joy of eating rocks, just like a goat!

“Rachael grew up baking in the kitchen with her Hungarian grandmother, but she didn’t discover her passion for cake decorating until later in life,” Teufel introduces herself on her website. “Rachael began her passion for cake decorating in 2001 with a few Wilton classes and in 2006, she started her own company, Intricate Icings Cake Design”

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