50 Times People Found The Best Things In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales (New pics)

Published 5 years ago

Going thrift store shopping is probably the most fun you can have for just a few dollars. Just think about all of the cool stuff you could buy: old books, vintage clothes, unique furniture, and even chainmails! And apparently some people love thrifting so much, they even started a Facebook group called Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared where they do exactly what the group name suggests – share their weirdest secondhand finds. The group has already gathered over 1.6 M members and never ceases to disappoint as people keep finding all sorts of cool stuff that will inspire you to go thrifting yourself.

See the weirdest things people found in thrift stores in the gallery below and check out our previous posts herehere and here!

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#1 It Started With One Dinner Plate In A Oregon Thrift Store In 2003

Image source: Nashyra Tuininga

I thought, oh that’s nice! And bought it. Then I found the tea cups about 6 months later… Piece by piece, every one of them hunted up at a thrift store in the PNW, building up to this marvelous collect you see today. 17 years in the making. I didn’t find anything for years, then recently found a second serving platter and serving bowl

#2 Found At A Thrift Store On Whidbey Island, WA -This Old Battered Book Caught My Eye Because It Looked Like It Fell Off A Pirate Ship

Image source: Kelly Sims

Upon further inspection, I found it was a Mark Twain, first edition, printed in 1883 which makes it 137 years old. I bought it for $5

It is a delicate old thing. The pages are chipping with age, and like all secondhand finds, I wonder about its history. How did it get from Little Rock, AR (per the handwriting) to a little island in the Pacific Northwest? Who’s hands have touched it over the course of 100+ years? At one point it rolled out of a printing press into a world that still utilized horse-drawn carriages. I’m unsure of its value, but I treasure this battered old book and will continue to keep it safe

#3 I’m Afraid My Walk Has Become Rather Silly Now

Image source: Ryan Gardiner

#4 My Daughter Was Driving Down The Road And Found This Gem At The Curb For Trash Pickup. He Is Now Protecting Her Porch

Image source:  Patti Meadows McClain

#5 So I Picked This Up Today At Goodwill. My Daughter And I Love It. My Mom Thinks It’s Gross. I Am A Nurse I Think I Should Take My Lunch In It

Image source: Gloria Stogsdill

#6 At $29.99, This Was The Most Expensive Thing I’ve Ever Bought At Goodwill. A Mr. Christmas Musical Bell Symphonium

Image source: April Castonguay

It came with 8 disks, and even had the velvet pouch for the discs, the instructions, order information paper for additional disks, and a survey

#7 Fridge Magnet Find! It’s Okay, You Can “Call” Me Nostalgic. Push Me – Yep It Does Ring

Image source: Teresa Shaefer Randall

#8 Tiny Peacock Chair I Picked Up Today

Image source: Marla Jenkins

#9 I Found This Kids Chemcraft Chemistry Set At A Flea Market In Nashville, Tennessee. People Would Lose Their Minds If Something Like This Was Released Today For Kids To Play With

Image source: April Wright

And yes, that’s real yellowcake and radioactive uranium ore in the two atomic energy vials. She was asking $22 for it but I think I ended up paying $10. She put a sticker on it saying it’s from the 60’s but the booklets that came with it state that this is kit no. 10 which was produced in 1947. According to research done in oak ridge, Tennessee, in mid to late 1947, porter chemical company produced laboratory kits for children that included an atomic energy component. Initially, they produced two kits. The no. 10 kit and the no. 25 kit. It’s not in the greatest shape and I’m sure there are items missing, but I worked at a uranium enrichment plant for years so I had to have it

#10 We Just Happened To Go To An Antique Expo In Town Where We Found A Silly Cycle. My Grandfather, Reedy Ellington Mclellan Sr., Invented Them

Image source: Golda McLellan

The most wonderful thing happened today. After recently moving to a different state, we just happened to go to an antique expo in town where we found a silly cycle. My grandfather, Reedy Ellington McLellan Sr., invented them. There are probably only a handful left in existence. I burst into tears when I saw it. I had to bring it home with me, and the guy was nice enough to cut me a deal. I couldn’t be happier

#11 I Raise You One 1890s “Bryce’s English Dictionary”

Image source: Ahmad Desai

“The smallest English dictionary in the world comprising, besides the ordinary and newest words in the language short explanations of a large number of scientific, philosophical, literary and technical terms”

#12 He Lives In The Bathroom And Holds Period Products. He’s The Bloodhound

Image source: Kaitlyn Crosby

This wasn’t his first job, he previously lived in an all male house. Given to me by a friend moving out of town. Long island, NY

#13 I Noticed An Old Reader’s Digest On The Counter. Matter-Of-Factly, I Flipped To Page 118 And Showed The Cashier My Picture From 1998

Image source: Wendy Lee

There I was, checking out of a random second hand shop in laurel, MD when I noticed an old reader’s digest on the counter. Matter-of-factly, I flipped to page 118 and showed the cashier my picture from 1998. I was part of a feature because I had found my job on the {gasp} internet! Of course I bought it, and no, the cashier did not believe it was me!

#14 I Bought A Painting Of What I Thought Was A Flower In A Pond At The Goodwill In Glendora, CA And Hung It Up. Only My Husband Fixed It It’s A Cow

Image source: Michelle Cunningham Sandhu

#15 My Mom Recently Passed. She Left Me Some Very Interesting Items. For Starters, This Jewelry

Image source: Teersa Joy

#16 Bob Ross Pancakes Anyone?!

Image source: Ashleigh Taylor-Kugler

#17 I Saw This Stunning Piece Of Stained Glass On The Side Of The Road Off Route 9 In Berkeley Springs, WV. I Turned Around Because I Couldn’t Just Leave It There

Image source: Jenni Elizabeth

I paid $20 and struggled to fit it into the back of my car as it is about 30.5″ x 42″, catching the pieces as they fell out along the way. I took this beauty to Fogal glassworks in Chambersburg, PA to be repaired. I spent $320 on the repairs and was informed by the shop that if I wanted this piece made from scratch today it would cost over $1500. I am so glad I could save this beautiful piece of art

#18 My New Lucky Cricket Tea Cup And If You Don’t Like It… Dishonor On You, Dishonor On Your Cow

Image source: Shannan Stubbert

#19 Here’s My Boy Bax Looking Regal Af In His Tiny Chair That I Found At The Goodwill. Someone Serve This King Some Tea & Crumpets Already

Image source: Mallory Chase Latham

#20 $12. Damn Straight I Bought It!

Image source: Scott Perry

#21 Here’s My 89 Year Old Grandmother And Her “Camera” She Is Also A Mini Find As She Is She Is 4ft 5 Inches In Height

Image source: Orla Mahony

#22 I Would Like To Raise You These Limited Edition Bmo Doc’s

Image source: Nicole Beckett

Found at a salem, or goodwill they definitely came home with me! No one sells them anywhere anymore, they’re super rare!

#23 It’s Been Hanging On Our Porch For Almost 10 Years. I’ve Never Thought Much Of It… Today While Watching Edward Scissorhands I See This!

Image source:  Jason Smith

My wife picked this up at a thrift store years ago for $2. Is it the same one?! Now I like it more

#24 My Mother And Father Were Married In September Of 1954. She Was A Seamstress And Made Her Own Honeymoon Dress (First Picture)

Image source:  Patti Sanchioni Waterbury

My parents both have since passed away so we kept the dress in storage for all these years. My sister thought it would be neat to have my oldest daughter try the dress on and it fit her beautifully

#25 My BF And I Went To A Thrift Store To Get A Toaster For Our New Apartment, Didn’t Realise The Toaster Made A Duck Until I Went To Toast Some Bread

Image source: Michayla Hanson

#26 My Hedgehogs Eating Mealworms From A Tiny Thrift Shop Teacup

Image source: Shana Couillard

#27 Found This Fairy Dress In A Second Hand Thift Store Called Twice As Nice In Tucson. Rainbow Antler Headband Is The Best

Image source: Jackie Kristine

It’s my favorite outfit, I donned it out for my birthday last February with my best friends. We like to dress up and feel fancy. It seems hand stitched

#28 “Babe! I Found Everything!” “I’m Not Buying It.” “But Babe! Just Be My Yukon Cornelius Pleeeeease!” The Things I Talk Him Into At Goodwill. At Least I Got Photographic Evidence!

Image source: ‎Ellen White‎

#29 Crocheted Maxi Skirt. Yes It’s Ugly, But I Will Rock It With Leather And Chanel

Image source: Danyelle Bridgewater

#30 Pardon My Ridiculous “I Just Paid $20 For Full Chainmail” Face

Image source: Maddox Marcus

#31 2015, I Found This Lovely And Large Portrait In A Local 2nd Hand Story

Image source: Susan Frazee-Kurner

2015, I found this lovely and large portrait in a local 2nd hand story.

The card on it really caught my attention.

I’m very familiar with Manazanar, the former WW II U.S. interment camp for Japanese American residents and citizens.

My grandfather was a farmer in coastal San Diego county and some of his fellow farmers were Japanese. At the time of the war, only US born Japanese Americans could buy land for farming. My grandfather stored their belongings when his neighbors were sent away. Many others, including churches also stored internees personal possessions.

I had a feeling that this portrait might have been stored for a family and for some reason, they had not recovered it.

A few calls and emails, I was able to get help from the ranger at Manzanar.

Although Itoko was a newlywed when she arrived at Manzanar with her husband, parents and in-laws, the ranger was able to connect me with her nephew Fred who lives in San Diego, not far from me.

He told me that they had never returned to their home in Pacific Palisades and instead relocated to San Diego where they farmed celery. She and her husband never had children and Nephew Fred took care of them in their older years.

Most amazing of all! Itoko was still alive! She was in a nursing home and has memory issues but she recognized her portrait immediately. She told Fred that it was her and that it hung in her bedroom when she was a child.

#32 I Found This Beautiful Chaise For $6 At A Church Thrift Store. It Was My Cat’s Favorite And When She Passed We Retired It To A Shelf In Our Library In Her Honor

Image source: Rich Kiska

#33 Got A $1 Trump Mask At A Yard Sale In Australia. My God I Have Never Got Such Comedic Value From A Sale

Image source: clamshanks

#34 Finally Gave This Gem A Night Out It Deserved. This Was Perfect For Harry Potter Yule Ball Event That Hosted At My Favourite Little Geek Themed Bar

Image source:  Kirbie Humber

#35 My Grandmother Passed This Year And My Aunt Was Kind Enough To Give Me Her School Uniform From The 1940s. It Fits! I Feel Very Proper

Image source: Johanna Willis

#36 Was Looking Through The Ugly Sweater Section At Goodwill, And Found The Sweater, I Was Wearing!

Image source: Jena Wolkens

I definitely got a good laugh out of it, and so did the people around me!

#37 I See Your Tiny Pets With Mini Furniture- I Give You “My Giant Hare On A Victorian Chair!”

Image source: WeirdSecondhandFinds

I found this Victorian chair at a thrift store and decided quickly I couldn’t live without it! It’s antique velvet with carved wood.

This is my Flemish Giant Rabbit, Leroux, aka Big Bun. He sadly passed away last year at the age of 9. He was about 19 lbs. and such a character! (Picture on the left for size comparison). He lived everywhere with me including downtown Chicago! He was my world.

Big Bun was always a house rabbit. He even had his own room (included in the photos)! He lived a little longer than normal (lifespan is 7 years or so.) I fed him the best of the best food (Oxbow brand) with plenty of Timothy hay, fresh veggies, and digestive tablets. He was litter box trained and never had accidents in the house. He loved to snuggle and would watch tv with me! Flemish Giants are a wonderful breed of rabbit and make fantastic pets!

I included a picture of him with his dog brothers and my favorite photo of him in his Christmas bow tie. He was always a legend.

#38 Found At An Antique Shop. The Prototype For Toilet Paper Showing That It Clearly Is Supposed To Be Over

Image source: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#39 Merry Christmas… Found My Dress For The Christmas Party

Image source: ‎Keeli Dollar Russell‎

#40 The Envious Cashier As We Laid This Beauty Down On The Checkout: “You… Bastards”

Image source: Chrissy McCoy

#41 This Is A Portrait Of My Grandmother Seated In A Chair That She Needlepointed. I Am Sitting In A Chair She Helped Me To Needlepoint Wearing The Same Suit. I Inherited All.

Image source: WeirdSecondhandFinds

#42 Found These Red Velvet Chairs At A Garage Sale For $1 And Had An Overwhelming Compulsion To Paint Crows On Them

Image source: Sheri Gillett

#43 Found At The Goodwill Dunn Ave. Jacksonville, Fl

Image source: ‎Kelly Kaler‎

#44 Found For $15 Dollars, Signed By An (Unknown) Artist. I Absolutley Love It, Would Like To Find More Pieces Like This One!

Image source: John Barrington

#45 This Is A Box Of Mortuary Lipsticks (Make Up That Was Used On The People Being Prepared For Burial)

Image source: Elizabeth Moore

They were taken from a funeral home that closed in 1997. These lipsticks were originally in a display case but for ease they now live in this box. They are all in various stages of use

#46 Brass Miniatures, All Thrifted. I Think I Have The Whole Collection

Image source: Danielle Morris

#47 I Found A 2 Dollar Morph Suit At My Local Goodwill!

Image source: WeirdSecondhandFinds

I’m now either a PNG, a ska band stage backdrop, or maybe I’m the floor of a fifties-styled diner! The possibilities are endless!

#48 Oops. Someone Didn’t Listen

Image source: Justin TrailMixx Davis

#49 My Mom Found This And Said, “I Should Bring This To Sample Things, ‘I Just Want A Spoonful.’”

Image source: Allie Davidson

#50 Here’s My Dog In The Tiny Chair I Recently Got At A Flea Market In Western MA

Image source: Carla Lia

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