50 Times People Found The Best Things In Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales

Published 5 years ago

We all know that thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets can sometimes be filled with junk, but if you’re really lucky, you can find some unique gems in a pile of garbage. And while some people manage to find collector pieces hidden in thrift stores, we came here today to discuss a different type of jackpot, a hilarious one, to be precise. A list compiled by Bored Panda presents the funniest thrift store finds ever, and we are sure, that if it was up to you, you’d buy these things in a second! Scroll down to see these hilarious finds yourself!


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#1 A Little Gem Found At Goodwill Today!

Image source: Jsrn2011

#2 This Is The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen In My Life

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#3 Where’s… Waldo?

#4 Goodwill Really Paid Off Today

Image source: ebichiyu1987

#5 Lost Track Of My 2-Year-Old At A Garage Sale. Turned Around And Saw

Image source: imgur.com

#6 Best Thrift Store Find Ever. Only $1.99!

Image source: AreYouGonnaPullThosePistolsOrWhistleDixie

#7 My Friend Found This In A Thrift Store In Taiwan

Image source: hritter

#8 I Love This Ridiculous Thing, What’s Not To Love?

Image source: seashelbby

#9 I Bought A Painting For $6 At Goodwill Today. How Did I Do?

Image source: taricalldayson

#10 Found At Brunswick Goodwill In Brunswick, OH

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#11 Found This Painting At The Salvation Army Yesterday. Buy It I Did

Image source: kzor

#12 Found This At A Garage Sale

Image source: atomicpete

#13 I Found A Coffee Mug Decorated With A Penguin Orgy. I Didn’t Notice It Was A Penguin Orgy Until I Got Home, I Just Saw Penguins And Grabbed It

Image source: Elturiel

#14 Found Dress At Local Thrift Store, Can’t Tell What Color It Is

Image source: larpkitten

#15 “Sometimes At Work Donators Will Just Leave Items Outside Without Ringing The Bell” – Unnerved Goodwill Employee

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#16 By Far, The Best Thing I’ve Ever Found At Goodwill

Image source: frequencity

#17 Today On “Weirdly Specific But Extremely Relatable Goodwill Finds”

Image source: striders

#18 Tipsyelves Christmas Sweater. Just In Time For The Holidays! $5 At Thrift Store

Image source: Jay_Aggie

#19 My Daughter Ran Up To Me And Told Me She Found A Cool Cat Book

Image source: cobbers83

#20 Found This Mask At A Thrift Store. Best 20 Bucks I’ve Ever Spent

Image source: reddit.com

#21 I Spent 50p On A New Friend

Image source: LaMaupindAubigny

#22 This Would Actually Be Great In Real Life

#23 Goodwill Find

Image source: shiftythrifting

#24 A Worker At Goodwill Thought The Artist Was Trying To Paint A Monkey And Its Baby. I See Something Else

Image source: IAmBoring_AMA

#25 Alien Vs Predator

#26 Broseph

Image source: Roflrex

#27 When You’re A Squirrel And Just Want To Store Nuts For The Winter And Provide For Your Family But Then You Die, Get Taxidermied And Somehow Make It Through Australian Customs Only To End Up Rowing A Tiny Boat For All Eternity In A Rural Victorian Op Shop

Image source: shiftythrifting

#28 Found At Savers In The Chicago Suburbs And I Wanna Die

Image source: shiftythrifting

#29 The Thrift Store Called This An “Unusual Old Chocolate Mold”

Image source: zerorox

#30 I Found The Key To Sucess At The Thrift Store

Image source: Birdie1357

#31 I Found One Of Those Concaved Optical Illusions At Goodwill That Follows You As You Move Around. Now I Can Disappoint Jesus From Every Angle

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#32 My Mom And Sister Found This At A Thrift Store

Image source: needforcaffeine

#33 My Sweet Thrift Store Find

Image source: aknaturegirl

#34 Saw This At A Local Thrift Store, So Tempting To Buy It

Image source: doveorhawk

#35 Too Spoopy

Image source: aRandomViking

#36 I Found A God’s Reject In South Korea

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#37 Thrifted This From The Goodwill Bins. Arguably The Best Thing I’ve Found At The Thrift Store

Image source: bagelmami

#38 Found This Gem For $8 At My Local Thrift Store!

Image source: capnjackbrown

#39 My Best Thrift Store Find – 1989 Batman Converse All Stars

Image source: danthoms

#40 Found These In Someone’s Desk At An Estate Sale I Worked. It’s Not Even Like It Was Their Cat, The Pics Were Very Obviously Printed Off The Internet. Literally Everything Was Up For Grabs So They Now Hang In My Kitchen

Image source: shiftythrifting

#41 I Have So Many Questions

Image source: almightybob

#42 I Don’t Think My Local Thrift Shop Realized They Had A Nazi Uniform

Image source: dannyhirtler

#43 Goodwill Was Selling A Rock

Image source: wildwoodnature

#44 Was Thrift Shopping And I Found This Extremely Cursed Item. If You Sit On This It Teleports You Straight To Hell

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#45 Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Image source: thriftstoreoddities

#46 Thank You Goodwill For This F*cking Ominous Prophecy

Image source: shiftythrifting

#47 The Only Thing Worse Than Your Parents Showing Your Date This Picture… Is Donating It To A Thrift Store

Image source: cb093

#48 Saw These At A Mexican Flea Market

Image source: Atticus462

#49 Thrift Store Find Of The Season

Image source: imgur.com

#50 Please Tell Me This Is A Romance

Image source: thriftstoreodditie

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