12 Y.O. Boy Helps A Disabled Puppy That Was Born Without Its Front Legs By Building It A LEGO Wheelchair

Published 4 years ago

Gracie is a puppy who due to a birth defect was born without her front legs. She was immediately dumped by her owners but before eventually ending up in a vets office. At the time, the little puppy had lost patches of hair and had maggots crawling on her but she did not lose her will to live. Gracie was slowly nursed back to health and her life turned around completely when she was adopted by a loving family who instantly fell in love with the puppy even despite her disability.

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Gracie is a puppy that was born without her front legs

The puppy was adopted by the Turney family that also happens to run an animal shelter. They had already adopted one paralyzed dog before and had experience in taking care of a disabled pet.

Naturally, Gracie had trouble walking but was too small for a wheelchair so the family had to come up with some sort of a solution.

That’s where 12-year-old Dylan came to help – the boy used LEGO bricks to make a wheelchair for Gracie.

A LEGO wheelchair was perfect for the rapidly growing puppy – it was cheap and easy to adjust.

With a little trial and error, Gracie got the hang of the wheelchair.

Soon enough she was running around like any little puppy her age!

Eventually, as Gracie got bigger, Dylan added bigger wheels to the wheelchair.

The puppy got an “adult” wheelchair as she got older.

Gracie’s story proves that any puppy can live a happy and fulfilling life with the help of caring and loving owners.

See Gracie’s story in the video below!

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