20 Strange And Creepy Abandoned Places That Might Give You Chills (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

In this urbanized world, it’s extremely rare to find places that are untouched by humans for many years. Yet, many of these places exist, giving off eerie and mysterious vibes. I personally find these peculiar places quite fascinating as they have a certain ‘charm’ that can’t be explained.

This awesome subreddit with around 1.4 million followers is dedicated to sharing spooky places such as abandoned castles, train stations, ships, islands, shopping malls, etc. Although we don’t know why most of them were abandoned, it seems like these places have somehow stayed invisible to the human population for a very long time. Let’s explore some of these strange and creepy abandoned places in the gallery below.

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#1 Failed Housing Project Outside Of Tehran

Image source: JohnnyShadows

#2 An Abandoned Shopping Mall Is Taken Over By Fish

Image source: ducktapepictures

#3 Abandoned Castle In Ireland

Image source: Angerriss

#4 Military Housing In NJ

Image source: urbexandchill

#5 Petrified Ladder In France

Image source: TroubledReward

#6 Southern Gothic

Image source: Blessed_tangerine

#7 Imperial Staircase Inside An Abandoned 18th-Century Palace

Image source: explorationofdecay

#8 Abandoned Restaurant In Victorville, California

Image source: Ed Freeman

#9 Graveyard Of Disused Ships

Graveyard Of Disused Ships

Image source: MathDant

#10 Nature Takes Over This Abandoned Industrial Building But Adds A Rooftop Pool

Image source: modianos

#11 Abandoned Train

Image source: airborneANDrowdy

#12 Bob Jagendorf: Detroit Train Station

Image source: ElectronicRhubarb841

#13 Abandoned Indigenous House In Papua New Guinea

Image source: Redd1tor_

#14 Electric Car Company Lot Left To Rot After Bankruptcy

Image source: WideEyes369

#15 Abandoned House In The Republic Of Karelia, Russia

Image source: iam_nobody

#16 Former Hydraulic Laboratory At Cornell University

Image source: corneliusvancornell

#17 King Alfred’s Tower, Somerset County

Image source: lochanakalana

#18 “Michelangelo da Vinci” Restaurant In Italy That Was Closed In 2014

Image source: EnigmaQQ

#19 Moorehall, House And Estate Built 1795 In Mayo, Ireland. It Burnt Down 1923 During The Irish Civil War And Has Been Abandoned Ever Since

Image source: westcoastcdn19

#20 Flooded Church In The City Petrolândia State Of Pernambuco Brazil

Image source: TheBoom1001

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