25+ Times Things Blended With Their Surroundings Too Good

Published 6 years ago

Sometimes people go out of their way to be unnoticed – people like soldiers, spies or introverts. But other times things just blend with their surroundings all too well without us expecting it and that’s when we start to wonder if our eyes are playing tricks on us.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of things perfectly matching their surroundings and some of them will take you a while to understand what you’re seeing. From people to animals – check out the accidental camouflage experts in the gallery below!


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#1 Catouflage

Image source: BootieMcGee

#2 Anyone Seen My Cat? Ginger Tom, Missing Since The Weekend

Image source: ‎Ellie Moore‎

#3 The Paint On This Building Is The Same Shade As The Sky

Image source: pachew96

#4 He’s Fallen To Pieces

Image source: braddamit

#5 I Looked Down To Find My Shoes Matched The Rug

Image source: victoriousship

#6 This Owl’s Camouflage

#7 Incredible Wax Job Gives Car Predator Level Camouflage

Image source: Tittzo

#8 The Chair And Shirt

Image source: tforpatato

#9 My Cat Has The Same Colors As The Carpet

Image source: YukiBear

#10 A Hatchling’s Camouflage

Image source: Camilo Carneiro

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