35 Incredible Things People Found On The Beach

Published 5 years ago

The oceans hide many mysteries that we may never get to fully unveil – yet on rare occasions they bless us with a glimpse of their secrets by washing up all sorts of interesting things on the beaches.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most interesting things people found on beaches and we’re sure you’ll be surprised. From amazing sandcastles to whale skulls – there’s so much to discover on the sandy shores.

Check out the most amazing things people found on beaches in the gallery below!


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#1 I Found This At My Local Dog Beach Today

Image source: jerrrrryyyyy

#2 Sandcastle With Extremely Clean Lines

Image source: pdmcmahon

#3 Piece Of Dried Seaweed With One End Stuck In Sand Drew Concentric Circles As It Was Rotated By The Wind

Image source: chiken_cs

#4 This Satisfying Pebble I Found At The Beach

Image source: retroly

#5 So My Friend Found A Message In A Bottle While Fishing

Image source: NOT_A_NINJA_

#6 Inspired By All The Trashtags, I Went Out With My GF To Clean Our Local Beach And Found A $50 Note. Instant Karma

Image source: mortys_mind_blowers

#7 Found This Shell On Corporation Beach On Cape Cod. Instant Goosebumps

I wish this lady could know her son had fun on the beach with our kids. (We did set it back out to sea. We knew this shells journey wasn’t over yet!)


Image source: Cristina DiGioia Mastro

#8 I Found This Pyrite Fossil (Ammonite) On An English Beach

Image source: udi90007

#9 What The Storm Brought To The French Shores

Image source: Alehins

#10 A Sea Weathered Chunk Of Glacial Ice Made A Perfect Chair On A Black Sand Beach In Iceland

Image source: cheebdog

#11 A Piece Of Glacial Ice I Found On The Beach

Image source: yuyein

#12 This Kilo [Of Cocaine] My Mom Found Washed Up On A South Florida Beach This Morning

It has been turned over to authorities. Estimated street value was over $150,000

Image source: raisingrebelles

#13 Saw These Stacked Stone Arches At The Beach This Morning

Image source: ianhouser

#14 Not Something You Find On The Beach Everyday

Image source: RetardedEdisonTwin

#15 I Found This Smile Soda Bottle Patented On July 11th 1922

Image source: seaglass_treasure

#16 Finding A Stranded Puffer Fish On The Shores

Image source: GallowBoob

#17 While Walking On The Beach In Hawaii My Wife And I Found This Glass Ball That Had Become The Home Of Small Marine Ecosystem

Image source: Tio76

#18 Someone Made A Stone Rainbow On Hornsea Beach, UK

Image source: LordOfHamy000

#19 Giant Squid Washed Up In Wellington New Zealand

Image source: OceanHunterTeam

#20 My Mom Found This Amazing Sand Castle In Jerusalem Beach, Tel Aviv

Image source: MatanFink

#21 A Collection Of Different Tracks And Footprints I Found On The Beach

Image source: lucystrongarms

#22 Found This Little Guy While Working On The Beach. He’ll Have A 14ft Wingspan Within Two Years

Image source: Szechwan

#23 The Beach I’m At Has A List Of Commonly Found Garbage And How Long It Takes For It To Decompose

Image source: TookMeEonsToMakeThis

#24 This Piece Of A Whales Spinal Column That Washed Up On The Beach

Image source: Scaramuccia

#25 My Brother Likes To Search For Shark Teeth On Beaches. This Was 6hrs Of Searching At Folly Beach Sc

Image source: Weiguken

#26 Found This Rock Within A Rock On A Beach Walk

Image source: Loubellbluebell

#27 I Went To The Beach In La And The Magnetic Clasp Of My Bag Attracted Metal Fragments Out Of The Sand

Image source: BeigianBio

#28 I Took The Day Off Work To Celebrate My 40th Birthday, And Look What The Beach Gods Had Waiting For Me!

I literally could not believe my eyes! I had no idea mini glass Coca Cola bottles even existed!

Image source: nova_scotia_seaglass

#29 This Stack Of Pianos On A Beach At Low Tide

Image source:  itsmybike

#30 Found This Entire Watch Repair Kit On Curracloe Beach In Wexford, Ireland. It Was All In A Large Biscuit Tin. I’m Guessing It Washed Up There Sometime In The 70s.

Image source: RickyShmee

#31 Rock I Found On The Beach

Image source: reddit.com

#32 P-38 Found On Welsh Beach

Image source: Fais-moi-un-bisou

#33 Saw This Awesome Toothless Kite On The Beach

Image source: hockeykidjsp

#34 Want To The Beach Right After It Had Snowed And Found Thousands Of Snow Balls Floating In The Water

Image source: nn_ylen

#35 Found Washed Up On Dillon Beach, California USA. Human For Scale, I’m 5’10”

Image source: lemon_scented101

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