20 People Shared Pics Of The Oldest Object In Their House, As Shared By This Online Community

Published 2 years ago

We all have some old items at home that can be called antiques. Some people like collecting old stuff, while others inherit them from their ancestors. Whatever the case, it’s always interesting to see and admire classic things.

People from the Bored Panda community have recently shared the oldest items they have in their homes and they are all quite interesting. Scroll below to find out the unique and amazing things shared by folks of this online community.

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#1 Dinosaur Coprolites Have Been Dated Back To The Cretaceous Period (146–66 Million Years Ago)

#2 My Grandfather’s Clock, Circa 1770

#3 This Photo I Found At A Flea-Market. The Back Says 05.09.1917

#4 My Doll, Given To Me When My Sister Was Born 1950

#5 Trilobite I Found, South Africa. Approximately 250m Years Old

#6 An Original Restored Pharmacy Now Used For Coffee Accessories

#7 The Lintel Of The Front Door 1678. Doubs France

#8 My Aunt At 2 Years Old, 100 Years Ago, 1922

#9 I Recently Acquired This Ancient Item, Specifically For Its Age

#10 Metal Bowl And Spoon

#11 This Vase Is From The ’60s

#12 Mahogany Riveria Radio. Circa 1920. Still Works Great, Beautiful Sound

#13 Handmade Vase From Italy WWII

#14 Butter Mold

#15 Oldest Known Fossil: 3.48 Billion Year Old Stromatolite

#16 I Have No Idea How Old It Is, But It Works Like A Charm And Can Sew Pretty Much Anything You Put Under It

#17 Egg Basket Made By My Great Grandfather Sometime Between 1896 And 1900

#18 A Whole Shelf Of Vintage Things

#19 A Portrait Of My Great-Great-Grandmother. It’s Around 160 Years Old

#20 My Grand Grandmother’s Plant Pot, Circa 1896, Art Nouveau/Liberty

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