30 Coolest Things People 3D Printed

Published 5 years ago

Here’s an interesting fact you probably did not know – 3D printing is actually almost 40 years old! The first prototype 3D printer was invented all the way back in the 80s and as technology advanced and the prices of printers dropped, they started becoming available to more and more people. That led to users getting creative with this new technology, coming up with unique and ingenious creations that wouldn’t be possible to create using conventional methods.

Casts, rims and even full-size houses – check out the most interesting things people created using 3D printers in the gallery below!

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#1 Toucan With A Reconstructed Beak Done Throughout 3D Printing

Image source: DraftDraw

#2 See-Through Prosthetics 3D-Printed From Titanium

Image source: William Root

#3 3D-Printed Classical Paintings That Let The Blind “See” Famous Art For The First Time

Image source: The Unseen Art project

#4 A Prosthetic Arm I Made For A Friend

Image source: Kuester

#5 A Neighbor 3D Printed A Walker For His Crippled Little Buddy

Image source: KANNABULL

#6 I Came Back To My Apartment To Find That My Roommate 3D Printed A T-Rex Shower Head

Image source: austintbarnett

#7 My Brother Is In A Wheelchair And Is Starting His First Job At Google Next Week. People Said I Should Make Him The Google Logo, But That’s No Fun So I Made This For His Desk

Image source: surviro

#8 3D Printed Shell For An Injured Tortoise

Image source: The Animal Avengers

#9 3D Printed Doorstop

Image source: captaincurrylaughingmaniacally

#10 My Moms 3D Printed Cast. She Can Take A Shower With It!

Image source: xventriloquist

#11 Chloe’s 3D Printed Walking Assistant

Image source: kittenxlady

#12 A Friend Nailed Halloween And 3D Printed His Own Face

Image source: CaptainMumble

#13 3D-Printed Plastic Cast That Uses Ultrasound To Heal Broken Bones Faster

Image source: Deniz Karasahin

#14 Cubone Corgi

Image source: kamuicosplay

#15 Our 3D Print Failed Half Way Through. This Is How We’ve Been Using It

Image source: KingVeemo

#16 3D Printed Violin

Image source: 3dvarius

#17 Student In My Country Made Mostly 3D Printed 1:1 Moveable Bb-8 Model As Her Engineer’s Thesis As Final Work Ending Her Studies. She Also Programmed An App Which Let You Control The Robot

Image source: SaltyGenguMain1337

#18 As A 16 Year Old Guy With Nosy Parents, This Has By Far Been My Most Useful Print

Image source: tpr_2

#19 3D Printed And Painted My Cat

Image source: JeffersonHi

#20 Not Inherited, But 3D Printed

Image source: dirtyjava

#21 3D-Printed Vases That Give Plastic Bottles A Second Life

Image source: DesignLibero

#22 Darth Vader Pen Holder

Image source: willcalderone0630

#23 Friend Made A Luggage Tag With Her 3D Printer

Image source: Photosynthesexual

#24 My Friend Made This Costume For Dragoncon… With A 3D Printer

Image source: captain8ball

#25 3D Printed ‘Game Of Thrones’ Lamp

Image source: Kvant 3D Printing

#26 Proof That Perseverance Pays Off… My Full Iron Man Suit, Printed In Many, Many Pieces On My Tiny Up Mini Over 6 Months

Image source: JayLuvLL

#27 Fully-Articulated 3D Printed Mesh Gown, Worn By Burlesque Icon Dita Von Teese

Image source: Michael Schmidt

#28 I 3D Printed My Son’s Brain Using Data From His MRI

Image source: st314

#29 3D Printed Rims

Image source: Proteon

#30 This House Was 3D-Printed In Just 24 Hours For Less Than $11k

Image source: Apis Cor

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