41 Photos Of Miniatures That Look Just Like The Real Thing With The Help Of Special Effects

Published 5 years ago

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is a photographer and graphic designer from Cancun, Mexico. He creates amazing highly-detailed miniatures and with the help of clever editing and special effects, makes them look just like the real thing.

In his works, the artist recreates scenes from classic movies and TV series, such as Back to the Future and The Dukes of Hazard, as well as incredible sci-fi scenes and even creative optical illusions. “Through mixing disciplines and techniques I create scenes and situations that tell stories… Stories for you to complete,” says Felix. The artist believes that learning to play again is great way to bust one’s creativity – and we couldn’t agree more.

Check out Felix’s amazing miniature worlds in the gallery below!

More info: hernandezdreamphography.com | Instagram

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#1 Abducted

#2 Heartbreak

#3 Enchanted Tree

#4 The Boy And The Dove

#5 Small World

#6 General Lee

#7 Bttf

#8 The Tragedy Of Spiritual Loneliness

#9 National Donation Campaign Of The Mexican Red Cross

#10 Love Bug Story

#11 The Mandalorian

#12 Myth Mountains

#13 Ghostbusters

#14 Spitfire Down

#15 Nova

#16 Fix It!

#17 Trip

#18 May The 4th Be With You

#19 The Love Car

#20 Tamashii Warriors

#21 Neptune’s Rise

#22 Starway To Heaven

#23 NY 2080

#24 X-Wing Blue One / Forgotten Titans

#25 Macro-Bad-Habit

#26 The Greatest Gift

#27 Rey’s Home

#28 National Donation Campaign Of The Mexican Red Cross

#29 Forced Perspective

#30 Cuddle Bear

#31 Fiat 500

#32 From My Latest Project Bttf

#33 Black Widow

#34 Scale Car

#35 Gt40

#36 Spitfire

#37 Scale Car

#38 Audi 8

#39 Skull Trooper

#40 Maserati

#41 Audi R8

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