Behind The Scenes Of Surreal Miniature Photography

Published 8 years ago

We’ve covered the surreal miniature photography of Felix Hernandez awhile back, and now the artist has treated us with one more behind-the-scenes look at his delicate work process with his newest creation The Wardrobe.

The artist searches for inspiration in his dreams: “Our dreams act like a blender of ideas, fears and desires with a touch of who we truly are,” writes Felix. “The music we listen, the images we see, the experiences that leave a mark on us, in our dreams, they all come together to define us.

The final result is a mix of clever practical effects with a bit of photo editing: “If I needed a cloudy background, instead of doing a composite, I went on location. If I needed fog, I used dry ice. If I needed an ancient ruin, I built it myself, and so on. Soon I found myself doing things that I had forgotten or that I would never think I could be able to do, and of course, by doing them, it opened a new door for me… One new door full of new possibilities for creation.

Have you ever thought to look for inspiration in your dreams?

More info: facebook | instagram | (h/t: petapixel)

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Making of The Wardrobe:

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