Pigmenti, colors on concrete

Published 8 years ago

A collection of printed concrete tiles by Diego Vencato and Marco Merendi for Gypsum.

Pigmenti is a project that combines color and the physical.

It is a project that reinvents the traditional fresco pictorial technique through the most advanced industrial production systems.

When it comes to the traditional art of the fresco, we take the technique and create an innovative process that allows the color to penetrate into the material by means of a high-tech printing technique.

The pigments deeply embed themselves into the material and do not fade over time.

It is a new generation of architecture and design surfaces, with a visual impact that has never been seen before:

a deep color, based in physicality, which opens up a whole new world of expressive possibilities for both private and public areas, for leisure and office markets.

PIGMENTI was on show at Cascina Cuccagna, during Salone del Mobile 55th edition, from 8th to 17th April 2016.

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Iconic image of the project.

image © diego vencato

High-performance concrete by Gypsum.

image © laura chiarotto

Pigmenti – blue strokes.

image © laura chiarotto

Pigmenti textures.

image © diego vencato

Working on compositions.

image © laura chiarotto

Pigmenti – blue lines / red lines.

image © laura chiarotto

Pigmenti – red powder texture.

image © diego vencato

Pigmenti – blue powder texture.

image © diego vencato

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