The Game For Those Who Suck At Chess

Published 7 years ago

The Grid Game is a colorful board game that creates beautiful patterns as you play it. Based on the rules of the Dominoes, it is a mix between a puzzle and a strategy game that you can play with up to 10 friends.

This game is a creation of Estudio Victor Alemán (EVA), an award-winning industrial design studio focused on developing high quality pieces of furniture and products. Very recently, EVA launched a new board game for designers, architects and everybody who loves the board games.

It is now available at Kickstarter through March 16th. You can get one from $30 USD or get a really big Combo Edition for $110 USD. The uniqueness of this game resides in the creation of mesmerizing patterns that grow as you play it.

More info: kickstarter | the grid game

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Ismael Porras López

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