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Published 8 years ago

Is capitalism really like a cute game of Monopoly? Are wars of today still fought like in a game of Risk?

Isn’t it time, that we change the game, so that we have a more accurate representation of big money & conflict in a modern, corporate world? WorldControl shows „how it is“ & gives everyone the most elegant, wooden board to experience real power in the 21st century.

Imagine Monopoly, Risk & Catan having a threesome inside a box, that is making Jumanji look like ancient Pokemon. Voila:

Invented by an american acupuncturist, back in the 80s, his genius was patiently waiting in the darkness of a shoebox until the rise of major, global inequality & Donald Trump. Are you tired of getting the 80th edition of the same old game for Christmas & want to support an underdog-game-perfectionist instead?

WorldControl is now crowdfunding for a short time on Kickstarter (until the end of the 2016-US-elections). >

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