Design by RAW Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Published 8 years ago

Design by RAW proudly announced today the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which talks about their latest product that is expected to be launched sooner. The company claims that it is a different, unique product that is hopefully to be loved and appreciated by their target clients.

The company said that their product is called RAW cubes which are to be made using different materials. They carefully selected the materials to be used in making this product. Design by RAW is now inviting everyone to visit their official page on Kickstarter where everyone will see images of their new product.

This company is comprised of product designers who have years of experience in producing beautiful products for others. They have decided to carry and show their passion to the world, leading to the birth of the concept behind RAW Cubes. They said that RAW Cubes was born whilst they are attempting to capture the core of the used material and add the most suitable geometric shapes. RAW Cubes are claimed suitable for anyone who can be an artist who requires some more inspiration. It can also be helpful for a designer who is looking for a great object to use in the design of a minimalist apartment. Design by RAW is claiming that RAW Cubes are extremely special and the reason behind this are these 3 important characteristics that made them great: size, solid and pure. According to the company, size is an extremely important feature for RAW Cubes. Additionally, every RAW Cube would glorify just 1 material. They would like to outline the ideal texture and shape of the material on its untainted form. They also said that they chose cubes for some reasons. First of all, in the architectural viewpoint, cube has been regarded as the most fundamental shape. It is designed perfectly symmetric. This shape is also representing the platonic solid and it means that it’s a 3D object which represents a convex, regular polyhedron with fair number of faces that unite in each angle. They understand as well that while this shape cannot be called a natural shape, the nature shows its unpredictability through providing the cubes in pyrite crystals. With it comes to materials, they make use of copper, lava stone, bog oak and stainless steel.

Design by RAW is now inviting everyone to visit the page of their crowdfunding project on Kickstarter today. The company is also hoping to get support for the successful launch of this project. They are accepting donations of any amount.

To learn more about this crowdfunding project, please do not hesitate to visit

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