Boeing 737 Jet Engine Recycled Into A Chair

Published 8 years ago

Recycled furniture is an awesome DIY project, but as with everything online, you can always find someone taking it one step further. This time, it is a chair made out of an actual Boeing 737 jet engine.

The guys at the Fallen Furniture (perfect choice for a name) are making furniture and art pieces out of reclaimed, authentic aircraft parts, from both military and civilian aircraft. The centerpiece of the collection being a chair made out of Boeing 737 jet engine. It features a polished aluminum base and a black leather cushioned interior.

The quest to make your living room stand out might be finally over, but the last tricky bit is to get the chair. You’ll have to place a special order for which the price remains unannounced (we don’t expect a sale anytime soon). The other option is to make one yourself… if you have a jet engine lying around somewhere in your basement, that is.

More info: fallen furniture (h/t: boredpanda)

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