20 Creative Coops People Built For Their Chickens

Published 4 years ago

Just like we love to keep cats and dogs as pets, some people actually prefer to keep pet chickens. And like most pets, they need a place where they could feel safe from predators or simply chill out – that’s where a chicken coop comes in handy. And instead of simply slapping together a couple of boards to make a wooden box, some creative chicken owners are actually building extravagant houses for their feathered friends – and they might even make you a little jealous.

People are sharing the most creative coops they’ve built for their chickens and I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. From cozy French-style cottages to hilarious alien spaceships, check out a collection of the most impressive chicken coops in the gallery below!

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Image source: Panda_911


Image source: homesoftherich


Image source: chickencoop.plans


Image source: Crandillo


Image source: sandy


Image source: avcesar


Image source: myurbanfarmily


Image source: Mom Caster


Image source: Crandillo


Image source: rcmndoverthinking


Image source: Crandillo


Image source: Crandillo


Image source: chickencoop.plans


Image source: vervainandtheroses


Image source: Crandillo


Image source: judyki2004


Image source: cbakerphoto


Image source: Crandillo


Image source: DazzlingCockroach


Image source: SoniaT 360.

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